Flipkart Interview Experience | On-Campus 2021

Round 1: Written


3 questions in round 1. Candidates who solved all three questions get shortlisted for the next round.

  • [slight variation of this]
  • How many students can not get desired scholarship:
  • Given 2 types of scholarship i.e academic and athletic represented by binary codes 0 and 1. You need to design a system in such a way that from available scholarship list items can be deleted or added only from the head of the list and no operation will be carried out from the rear of the list. At each step, if student preference is present at the front and the type of scholarship from the list of scholarships matches at the head, then the scholarship will be assigned to the student. If they do not match then shift the front value of the scholarship array to the end until it will match.
  • Find how many students can not get desired scholarships.
  •  Don’t remember but it was a normal day question.

Round 2: Technical Interview 1

  • Find longest common substring
  • Find the diameter of the tree ( A slight variation of this where you have to take both heights of nodes from root not from the longest common ancestor).
  • Find the distance between any two nodes in a tree.

Round 3: Technical Interview 2

  1. Find the largest length cross which can be formed in a given matrix. ( A variation of this for largest plus can be found here )
  2. Maximize the sum of the array given that you can multiply adjacent numbers or add them with a condition that if you are multiplying two numbers then you can not multiply their output with the 3rd number.
  3. Code the excel cell formulas resolution. Refer to an example
  • Cells can either have integer values or formulas.
Given cells A   B    C      D      E
             1   4  A*B  C+B  B+2
  • If you modify one cell value let say A then all other cells should update accordingly.
  • For this, write backend code.
  • Change A value from 1 to 3 then cell C and D should update.
  • Topological sort can be used.
  • Meeting held on smart meet where we can write code. 
  • In technical round 1st, they will ask you the approach and ask you to dry run and write code only when they will be satisfied with your approach. They want you to discuss the question continuously with them so that if you go in the wrong direction they can interrupt you in between.

For me, I have answered all 3 questions in the 1st and 2nd rounds and in the 3rd 2.5 ques.

Round 4:  Managerial Round

  • This is the managerial round where the hiring manager in starting explained what type of work their team does. It was an interactive conversation.
  • Then he explained the agenda of the meeting that he will judge me whether I am fit for company culture or not and 2nd on whatever I have done i.e resume.
  • So he started with the project and asked me to explain one project which has enough complexities to discuss. Then I explained the idea and then after this, he kept asking me questions related to the project. They don’t ask you to code but the way you approached the idea of how you solved this. Why did you do this etc? He wanted to know how involved I was when I did this project.
  • In the end, he asked about SDLC end to end (from when the client came till you deliver the project). Some DevOps tools and technology as I have mentioned in my resume. Also some system design terms like a load balancer, msg queue, etc.
  • Behavioral ques: Learning from the past 6 months.


  •  You should know why you have used a particular tech stack and any algorithm in your project. 
  • For all technical rounds, they don’t want just code but they want you to understand and think about the problem then explanation and code.
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