How To Develop Apps For Android And Ios With Same Codebase

Today I am going to tell you how to develop apps for android and ios with same codebase. You don’t have to write multiple code for android and ios just one codebase that will run on android and ios.

The app will be real and native it will not be a progressive or a web view. You can publish the app on playstore and apple store.

Earlier you need to write seperate codebase for android and ios which would be difficult and hard to manage and also you had to know multiple programming languages.

But now due to advancement in technology. There are new frameworks which allow you to develop apps for android and ios with same codebase. These are great frameworks you can learn and you also need to know a programming language so let’s start.

If you want more in depth details on mobile app development than read this article – How to become a mobile app developer

How to develop apps for android and ios


Earlier android apps were created using android studio which requires you to know java and kotlin and ios apps were created in xcode you would require a apple mac laptop or computer to develop ios apps you will require to learn swift programming language.

But now you don’t have to learn multiple languages just one language and you can develop apps for android and ios with same codebase.

So there are two frameworks you can use to develop apps for android and ios.

React Native

React native is a free open source framework for mobile app development for both android and ios. It was created in 2015 by facebook it is used by facebook and instagram and many other big companies.

React native is based and very similar to react. You need to know HTML, CSS and javascript programming language. HTML and CSS are very easy to learn you can learn it within weeks and javascript is a programming language it may take time to learn it if you are a beginner.

If you know react js which is used in developing single page websites then learning react will become more easy.

You can get started with react native easily you don’t need to download any software. You can go through this guide for react native installation and setup – React Native Guide

Key features of react native

  • It is fast – React native is very fast it has live reload which makes instant changes on your app
  • Faster development – You can develop apps much faster in react native because of reusability of components.
  • Many libraries – There are many react native libraries you can use to add features to your app like navigation or drawer you don’t need to write complex code.
  • Big community – React native has a large community if you ever caught a error you can easily find the solutions online
  • Cross platform – Cross platform means the app you develop will run on android and ios.

So this was one framework you can use to develop apps for android and ios and there is another framework you can use which is


Flutter is a framework for creating apps for android and ios it is created in 2018 and maintained by google. You can develop native apps with a same codebase just like react.

Flutter uses dart, Dart is a programming language developed by google. It is a object oriented programming language which can be used to create web servers and apps. The syntax of this language is c style.

You can get started with flutter by installing flutter sdk. You can go through this guide for flutter installation and setup – Flutter Guide

Key Features of flutter

  • Fast development – With flutter you can develop faster applications.
  • Native performance – It gives you native performance
  • Cross Platform – Like react native this is also used for building cross platform applications


In order to develop apps for android and ios with same codebase you need to use one of these frameworks there are many other frameworks you can use but this two are the most used and popular.

You can develop any kind of applications with these so you can choose any framework and start. If you are a web developer and want to learn mobile app development than react native is a great option because as a web developer you will know javascript and you don’t need to learn a new language.

So this was today’s article about how to develop apps for android and ios with same codebase. I hope you found what you were looking for and thanks for reading if you want more articles like this do subscribe to coderzway newsletter thank you.

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