Best Frontend Frameworks 2021

Frontend of a website is made with HTML, CSS and Javascript and as a frontend web developer you must know this languages but knowing these languages HTML,CSS and Javascript is not enough for a frontend web developer they should know atleast know one frontend framework because with a frontend framework the speed of the site increases and there are lot of advantages.

So you are frontend developer and you just know HTML, CSS and Javascript but you want to learn a frontend framework and increase your frontend skillset or get a better job opportunity but you don’t know which frontend framework to choose and learn don’t worry. Today I am going to tell you the best frontend frameworks of 2021 to use.

Best Frontend Frameworks To Learn


This is little difficult decision to choose the best frontend framework. The great thing about these three frameworks is that they use javascript and you already know it. You can choose from these 3 popular frameworks of 2021.

You need to keep in mind that these frameworks have their own pros and con and you can start with any framework and develop what you want.

1. React JS

React is not a framework but is a javascript library which is used to build frontend UI’s components and dynamic Single Page Applications. It was created by facebook. React is very fast with live reload the page doesn’t load and reusablity of components is another great advantage.

React is the best and popular library used in MERN Stack which is MongoDb, Express, React and Node. It is beginner friendly and easy to learn you can use javascript or typescript programming language. Typescript is similar to javascript with extra benefits.

React has great community and free learning resources you can use. It is not a big as angular it is only used for building UI’s so it is compact in size. React is used by these popular companies like Instagram, Facebook and MongoDb. It is my favorite frontend library and as a beginner you should use react.

Free React Resources – Click Here

2. Angular JS 

Angular is another javascript framework developed and maintained by google. It is also used for building UI and Single Page Applications. Angular provides live reload without loading it is also two way data binding and other features like reusablity and more.

Angular is mostly used by a team for a large scale project because angular provides many additional features that react doesn’t have. Angular is a part of the MEAN Stack which is MongoDb, Express, Angular and Node.

Popular companies like Gmail, Youtube Tv and Paypal uses Angular. Angular requires you to know Typescript programming language which is similar to javascript but little advanced.

Angular is a great frontend framework but as it is a big framework it becomes difficult to learn and manage for a beginner and it also takes a lot of time to learn. You can go with angular if you learn it later it will be a great advantage for you.

Free Angular Resources – Click Here

3. Vue JS

Vue is another frontend progressive Javascript framework and it is also used for building UI’s for Single Page Applications. It was developed by guy known as Evan You and it is maintained by his team and him. Vue is a small and compact framework for a small application you can also use it for a large project but it is not recommended.

Vue is becoming popular and is giving competition to angular and react. Vue has many great features like fast reload, reusability, data binding, event handling ,animations and transistions and many more.

Vue is used in many popular companies like Adobe, Netflix and alibaba. Vue is great framework you need to know javascript to use vue. As vue is small framework it is not suitable for large scale projects.

Free Vue Resources – Click Here

Which To Choose?

Now you know the best frontend frameworks to choose from React, Angular and Vue three javascript frameworks with great features but you need to choose one and start. I love react and i have used it in many projects i have got no problem and i still use it. It has great community and it is easy to use.

I have used angular and vue also and my experience with them compared to react was not that good. It’s your choice to choose a framework you like so don’t waste too much time in choosing framework. I will recommend you to go with react you will love it. if you have any problems or if you don’t like it you can always switch.

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