Programming languages used for web development 2021

Web development is the development of websites with different languages and technologies and if you are interested in web development then you may want to know the Programming languages used for web development.
Today I will tell you which are the programming languages used for web development and I will tell you the best programming languages for web development it does not matter if you want to do frontend or backend development
You can even develop full stack websites with these languages. I am a full stack web developer so I know what I will be talking about so sit back and read this article till the end.
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Programming Languages Used For Web Development


Web development is divided into two parts which are frontend web development and backend web development combining both of them there is full stack web development you can do anything.
Depending on what you learn and do you can learn the languages according to that In web development we have many languages and also frameworks so I will tell you about everything so first we have

Frontend web development languages

Every website has a frontend in frontend development you design and develop the frontend of the website it is all about how the website looks as a frontend developer you need to be creative.
If you want to become a frontend developer then these are the languages and frameworks you should learn. Want a complete roadmap on frontend development read these guide – Frontend developer roadmap 2021.


HTML is a hypertext markup language. It is the most basic and important language to create a website. It is not a programming language. It is a markup language. HTML is like the skeleton of your website.
You need to learn HTML if you want to become a frontend web developer. It is a very easy language to learn. You can learn this within just a few weeks.


CSS stands for cascading style sheets CSS is used to add styles to HTML elements on the website. It is used for positioning, adding colors, backgrounds, fonts, etc. CSS is used to make your website look beautiful.
CSS is another important language you need to learn. CSS is also not a programming language so it is also easy to learn. It can take up to 3 or 4 weeks to learn depending on how much you learn.


Javascript is a programming language that runs in your browsers. Javascript is used to add logic to your website like when you click a button you may want to show a popup that is done with javascript.
You should learn javascript thoroughly because it can be used in many other things as well. Javascript is the only programming language you are going to learn in the frontend. As it is a programming language, if you are new to programming then it can take your time to learn it.
These were the basic 3 languages you should learn for frontend development with this you can create static websites and designs.

Frontend frameworks

After learning all three languages you can learn a frontend framework to expand your opportunities as a frontend developer and your frontend skills. There are many benefits of using a front-end framework.
Using a frontend framework improves your website speed, performance, and other features that are the reason why companies are adopting these frameworks so you should also learn a frontend framework.
All these frontend frameworks which I am going to tell you are created with javascript so you don’t need to learn any new languages for these before learning these frameworks you need to learn HTML, CSS, and javascript.

React Js

React js is a frontend framework that is made with javascript it is used to develop fast and live reloading high-performance frontend websites. It is developed by Facebook and it is used on the Facebook frontend.
You can learn to react js. I use react js. I will recommend you to learn the react js framework if you want to know about the advantages of using react js then read this guide – Advantages of react js.

Angular Js

Angular is another javascript framework developed and maintained by Google. It is also used for building UI and Single Page Applications. Angular provides live reload without loading. It is also two way data binding and other features like reusability and more.

Vue Js

Vue is another frontend progressive Javascript framework and it is also used for building UI’s for Single Page Applications. It was developed by a guy known as Evan You and it is maintained by his team and him.
You can learn any one of the frameworks. All are great. I will recommend you to learn React because it is easy to learn and very simple.
I can’t tell you everything about this framework here so I have another article that will tell you more about this framework – the best frontend frameworks to learn in 2021.

Backend web development languages

We have seen which languages are used for frontend development now will see which are languages and frameworks used for backend development.
A website that requires saving and get data requires a backend. In the backend of the website you send data to the database, request data from the database and send it in the frontend you create your API routes in your backend.
Now there are many backend languages and frameworks you can use but I will tell you just one backend language and framework to use for backend development.

Javascript with Node js

Yeah, you can use javascript for backend development with node js. Well, node js is a javascript runtime environment that enables you to write and run javascript code outside the browser.
Why javascript? With javascript, you can do both frontend development and backend development so you don’t need to learn a new language which also improves your good understanding of one language.
Node js is a secure and fast framework for building your backend of a website if you want to know more about backend development then reading this guide – Roadmap to become a backend developer.


These were all the programming languages used for web development. I hope you got all the languages and frameworks required to become a web developer to summarise these are the languages.

  • Frontend development
    – HTML
    – CSS
    – Javascript
    – React or Angular or Vue for frontend framework
  • Backend development
    – Javascript with node js

These are the languages used for full stack web development. This is the reason why you should learn javascript because it can be used to become a full stack web developer. If you want to learn web development for free then you can codewithharry web development playlist.

This was for today. I hope you found this article helpful if you did share it with your programmer’s friend and do commend your thoughts below and also subscribe to our coding newsletter for the becoming latest coding updates.
Thank you for reading. Have a nice day 🙂

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