How To Become A Mobile App Developer 2021

Mobile app development is making softwares for smartphones that are mobiles and other digital assistants like smart watches. Most commonly for Android and IOS. The app can be installed on on the mobile. As mobile app development is growing very quickly and the demand for mobile app developer is increasing.
So you have decided to become a mobile app developer and you don’t know to how to become a mobile app developer. Don’t worry Today in this article all your doubts would be cleared and after reading this article you will have :

  • A clear way to become a mobile app developer
  • A good knowledge of mobile app development
  • Start Creating your first mobile app

Which to choose?


As you know there are two operating systems on which mobiles work Android and IOS and you have to write code seperately for each of them and each of them uses different programming languages. So you cannot learn both these so there is a decision to make. There are 3 types of mobile app developer You can become.

Android App Developer

Android app development is developing applications which runs on Android devices only and Does not run on IOS devices. Android is the best selling os in the world. there are more than 2 billion android device users so the demand for android app developer is huge and competitive.
According to stackoverflow average salary of a Android app developer is $72600 per annum.

How to Become ?

So inorder to develop apps for android you need to use the official Integrated Development Environment (IDE) which is Android Studio by Google which is used for android App development.
It is free to use and you can download it from their website. With Android Studio you can develop, build and publish apps to playstore. Android Studio uses these programming languages Java and Kotlin to create apps so you need To learn these languages.
Java – It is a programming language created by Sun Microsystems in 1995. It can be use to develop android apps in android studio. Java is simple, secure, object oriented and robust programming languages as a android app developer java is compulsory to learn. It takes time to learn java as it is harder for beginners.
Kotlin – It is a general purpose, free, open source and statically typed programming language. It is a streamlined version of java. Kotlin is easy to learn.
So you know you need to learn java and kotlin to develops apps in android studio. To design your app there is a drag and drop editor in android studio you don’t need to know HTML and CSS. You don’t need to master these languages just learn what you need.
Some free resources to learn android development – Click Here

IOS App Developer

IOS app development is developing applications which runs on IOS devices only and Does not run on Android devices. Currently there are more than 720 million users who use IOS mobile
This is less than android but there is lot of competition between developers in android app development but there are not lot of IOS app developers this is a great advantage. The average salary of a IOS Developer is $106,557 per year.

How to Become ?

To become a IOS app developer you need a mac pc or laptop because you cannot develop IOS apps on windows or linux operating systems. Xcode is your IDE (Integrated Development Environment).
It is free and you can download it from Mac app store. With Xcode you can create your app and publish it to app store. To develop app in Xcode You need to know these programming languages.
Swift – It is a powerful and intutive programming language for developing apps and softwares for macs and IOS. It is a friendly language for new programmers.
So you know you need to learn Swift you can also learn objective-C but swift is better. Just keep on practicing by developing small projects and you will be a great IOS app developer.
Some free resources for IOS Development – Click Here

Cross platform app developer

A cross platform app developer is a person who develops apps for both Android and IOS. So you will say that it would be hard to become a cross platform app developer but no because earlier the developer had to maintain to seperate codebases
Which would be very difficult to manage but now due to great frameworks we can develop apps with a single codebase which runs on both IOS and Android. These are some of the best frameworks:
React Native – It is a framework developed by facebook which enables a developer to create robust and fast mobile apps. It also offers faster mobile development and single codebase for both IOS and Android. Inorder to develop apps from react native you need to have knowledge of HTML, CSS, Mainly Javascript, react and react native. it is great advantage if you are a web developer. It is used in popular apps like instagram and facebook.
Free React Native Resources – Click Here
Flutter – It is a framework developed by google for building beautiful UI designs and native applications for mobile, web and desktops with a single codebase. It is also fast and robust. Ensures faster development. To use flutter you need to have knowledge of Dart programming language.
Free Flutter Resources – Click Here
These 2 frameworks are great and i recommend you to use this. There are other great frameworks you can check out to develop cross platform apps like ionic, nodejs and others.
You would say that using this frameworks I will become a cross platform developer but what’s the use of android studio. Android Studio is a great IDE to develop android apps. but there are some pros and cons of using these cross platform frameworks also.


Now we are the end and you have seen many great options to become a mobile app developer. In my opinion i would have gone with cross platform development with react native because react native is easy to learn and we can manage a single codebase its your choice you can do anything.
I hope you have got what you want from these article . if you have any comment or feedback comment down and you have friend who want to become a mobile app developer share it with them below and if you are intrested in web development check out this roadmap.
Thanks for reading. Have a nice day 🙂

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