Best Backend Programming Languages 2021

Ruby is rubbish! PHP is phpantastic!

Backend development is the server side of the application which communicates with the database. A backend developer needs to think logically and write code for the backend and should know a programming language. So you have decided to learn and become a backend developer but when it comes to programming there are lot of languages and technologies to choose and one can become confused. A lot of new developers don’t know which is the best backend programming language to use.
Don’t worry There are lot of programming languages for backend development but today we will tell you the best backend programming languages to use. So read the full article carefully at the end of this you will have :

  • Good idea of backend development
  • Set to start your journey as a backend developer
  • Learn and create your backend

Best Backend Programming Languages


There are many programming languages which can be used in the backend lke python, javascript, php, c#, java etc. each of them has their own pros and cons. so you want to pick the best language and start your journey. so read them about more below.

1 : Python

Python is a programming language which can be used for many tasks like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Web and App development, automation and developing backends for applications. python is easy because of its simple syntax and it is fast and has many great frameworks which can be used for backend development like
Django – It is a widely used python framework it is used in backend development for applications. It can be used for authentication, URL routing, template engine, database schema migrations and object relational mapper (ORM). Django is a great framework to use with python in the backend it is secure and fast.
Flask – It is a micro python framework which can be used for web and backend development. It used in the backend to create API for reading and writing data. It is a great framework to use for routing. As it is a small framework you cannot do everything with it you need to use django or other framework with it.
So python is a great language to use to develop backend with its great frameworks Django and flask. If you are also intrested in machine learning with python than you should read these article – Machine Learning roadmap 2021

2 : Javascript

Javascript is a programming language which is used in frontend web development. Earlier javascript was only running in the browser but now it can be used to develop backend application with the help of NodeJs which enables javascrpt to run outside the browser.
NodeJs – It is a javascript runtime environment which is used to create backend for applications with javascript. NodeJs is becoming popular because of its great libraries like express, mongoose,, jwt and many more which prevents us creating everything from scrarch.
Express – It is a NodeJs library which is small but very powerful it used for routing and creating API’s for the backend
NodeJs is great option with its libraries for backend devlopment for application if you are web developer you should definately go for NodeJs. if you want to become a full stack web developer you can read these article – Roadmap to become a full web developer.

3 : PHP

PHP is a server side scripting language. It is a powerful language for making dynamic and interactive web pages. PHP is widely used language in the backend or server-side. PHP was created in 1994 people say that PHP is dead but more than 78% of the websites run on PHP and it can be used to create great websites and apps.
Laravel – It is the most popular PHP frameworks which has prevented the pain of creating everything from scrarch in PHP like routing, authentication and making API’s.
PHP has become old but still powerful but learning frameworks like NodeJs and django has many advantages like speed and security but using these frameworks can be expensive in deployment while PHP is very cheap.

4: Java

Java is a programming language used by developers for more than 20 years to develop android apps and backend for application with help of its frameworks. Java is secure, cross-platform and uses multi threading that means the backend server processes each request in a seperate thread this enables to perform several other tasks simultaneously.
Java is used in both client and server side of the application. Java has become old but yet powerful but it doesn’t have lot of advantages over the new comers like NodeJs and java is little hard to learn for beginners but if you know java and you are android app developer you can use java in the backend. if you are intrested in becoming a app developer and don’t know where to start check out this article – How to become a mobile app developer.
Spring Boot – It is a open source Java based framework for backend development. It is a great framework to use with java in backend development. It is easy to understand and devlop spring applications and reduces the development time. It offers a easier way of getting started with the application.


Python, Javascript, PHP and Java are the best backend programming languages to use in 2021 but you can also create backends for your application with other languages like C#, C++ Swift etc. but they don’t have a good frameworks and community.
In my opinion you should create backend in either python or javascript with nodejs because they have a large community if you are stuck you will find solutions and they have great frameworks. PHP and Java are also great opinion if you know them definately use them. Thank you reading till the end. I hope you will find your backend programming language choose one and start you will get what you want.
If you have any questions or feedback you can comment down below i will be happy to answer them and do subscribe to our newsletter for daily coding tips and once again thank you.

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