Django vs Node Js a comparative guide 2021

Today we will see a battle between Django vs Node Js Python vs Javascript which is best for backend development django or node js I will tell you all the features of each of these frameworks and tell you what is best for you.

Well a backend is required for website with dynamic content or which includes data if you have a static website which doesn’t change than you don’t need a backend. If your website has data and it changes than you need to have a backend.

There are many programming languages and frameworks you can use to create your backend and the most popular backend frameworks we are going to talk about are Django and node js these are both used for backend development.

We will see which is the best for building backend for your website or app we will not waste much time but if you want to become a backend web developer than read this guide – backend development roadmap 2021.

Django Vs Node Js


Django vs Node js the ultimate battle I am just kidding well we know that everything is better in their own way just like that django and node js have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Both are very powerful and are used in building big web applications which we will talk about later so we will not waste our time more let’s see what django has to offer.

Django – Python Framework

Django is a python framework which is used in backend of a website It is a free open source web framework which is maintained by the Django software foundation (DSF) which is a american independent organisation I thought django was japanese.

Django is used for backend development It was developed in 2003 and it uses the most popular programming language which is python well many programmers love python because of it’s simple syntax.

You need to know python if you are using django framework I have used django for many projects It provides great performance and good coding experience.

If you want to know more about django you can visit their official website – Visit django website.

Node Js – Javascript Runtime Environment

Node Js is a javascript runtime environment it is not exactly a framework like django earlier javascript could be only used and ran in the browser but In 2009 Ryan Dahl developed a javascript runtime environment called node js.

With this javascript was able to run outside the browser with the help of node js therefore javascript could be used for backend development node js is written in C, C++ and Javascript.

Node js is really provides good performance there are many libraries which can help you create your backend in node js I personally use node js now because I love javascript and now I can use it for both frontend and backend of the website.

As I have told that python is the most popular programming language but javascript has become popular and I think it will become the most popular because With just one language you can do both frontend and backend development.

If you want to know more about node js you can visit their official website – Visit node js website.

Django Vs Node Js Key Differences

Now we will see some key differences between django and node js this will help you to choose between django and node js.

1. Architecture

Django uses the model template view architecture this helps in data handling, validation and interaction.

Node Js is a runtime environment therefore it runs on event driven model which helps in maintaining small stack of requests.

2. Performance

Django gives high performance becauses it has a builtin template system which is very fast and gives fast response.

Node js also provides good performance as node js provides more flexibility it takes extra time to build the backend.

3. Flexibilty

Django provides less flexibilty than node js it has a builtin template system which decreases your flexibility.

Node js provides lot of libraries and tools which can help you build the application you want quickly because you don’t have to write everything from scratch.

4. Security

Django when it comes to security django is much secured framework than node js because it has a built in system.

Node js is not much secure than django because when you use external libraries the libraries may contain security issues which could make your app less secure.

5. Ease of learning

Django uses python and we know that python is the most easiest programming language django is not much complicated to learn.

Node js uses javascript and javascript is also easy to learn but you may find the syntax little difficult but once you learn javascript you can do full stack web development with just one language no need to learn a new language.

Node js has many libraries which you can use which prevents you from writing complex code you can easily start a server with just 3 lines of code.

6. Community and resources

Django is much older than node js also python is very popular there are lot of django developers so it has a big community so if you ever found a error you will find the solutions online.

If you want to learn django it has a lot learning resources you can learn from youtube for free there are great courses on django development.

Node js is not old as django but node js became popular quickly because you could use javascript both in the frontend and backend so node js also has a big community which you can get help from.

There are many node js learning resources available you can learn complete node js for free on youtube.

If you want some best free django and node js courses refer to this guide – Best free courses on web development on youtube.

7. Used By Companies

Django is used by many popular companies like instagram, youtube, dropbox and more other popular companies.

Node js is also used by many popular companies like netflix, linkedin, paypal, nasa and more other companies.

You can see that django and node js are both used by popular big tech giants so you should choose one and start your journey.

8. Scalibility

As you have seen that django and node js are used by big tech giants so you can also build large scale websites or apps with them.


Django vs Node Js which one is best I will say both are best can be used to build high scalable apps I personally love node js because I love javascript and I have been working a long time with node js.

If you love javascript and don’t want to learn new language than node js is great option to choose. But if you love python because of its simplicity in syntax and go with django framework.

I hope you loved this article on django vs node js if you found this helpful than do share it with your friends and family and do comment down your favourite and if you want more guides do subscribe to our newsletter.

Thank you for reading Have a nice day 🙂

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