Roadmap To Become A Backend Developer

Backend development is all the code that runs on the server which is hidden from the users. The backend is responsible for sending and recieving data. As a backend developer you have to think logically and write code.

The demand for backend developer is huge and it is high rewarding than a frontend developer. The average salary of a backend developer is around $100k to $105k per year. 

So you have decided to become a backend developer but you have no idea where to start don’t worry today this article is about complete roadmap to become a backend developer so  i am going to tell you everything you need to know about backend development so read this article till the end.

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Roadmap to become a backend developer


So a backend developer has to do many tasks in the backend so a backend developer has to know a programming language, a database to store data  and many other things so lets take a look at everything.

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1. Learn a programming language

To become a backend developer you need to first learn a programming language. There are many programming languages which you can use in the backend. If you want to become a full stack web developer and you have learn’t javascript in the frontend and now you want to learn backend.

Then you can use javascript in the backend with help of node js which is a javascript runtime environment. I also use javascript for the backend in my projects. You don’t need to learn a new language just use javascript you can build any type of website or apps with it.

You can use other languages like python, java or c# for the backend but if also don’t know javascript i recommend you to learn javascript because it is easy to learn and you can develop full stack website and later on you can develop mobile apps with a single language javascript.

You have to learn async/await, promises, callbacks and dom manupalation in javascript. So if you are beginner i will recommend you to learn javascript it will take some time to learn javascript and if you already know javascript than move to the next step

2. Learn backend framework

So after learning javascript you need to learn nodejs which is a javascript library which enables you to run javascript outside the browser. You don’t have to learn nodejs but learn to use the nodejs libraries like express, mongoose, jwt, and many more which you can install with npm (node package manager).

Backend development with nodejs is not hard as there are many libraries which helps you from writing complex code. You need to learn to create api’s, authentication and authorization and simple crud operations.

Build some api’s and projects with nodejs and improve your skills

3. Learn a database

You have learn’t javascript and nodejs you may have built some projects but you have to have a place to store your data so you need to learn a database. There are lot of databases in the market which you can use like mysql, mongodb and many others.

Mongodb is a no sql database which store data in a javascript object it is very easy to use and learn as a javascript developer you will easily understand how mongodb stores data.

MySql is also great database to use it store data in tables and columns it is popular  and used by many developers. learning any database doesn’t matter a lot you just have to learn any one and get started or you can learn both.

So learn one database and get started if you are confused which one to choose i will recommend you to learn mongodb because it is easy to learn and use.

If you want more info about mongodb and mysql database then read this article – mongodb vs mysql . This will help you understand more about these databases.

4. Learn Deployment

So you have learn’t everything and made some cool projects and you want to deploy it so everyone can access it through the internet so you need to deploy your project you need a hosting there are many hosting providers like aws, digital ocean or heroku.

AWS is little difficult as there are many options and plans to choose but they have great courses to teach you how to use and deploy on their servers. you can also you digital ocean which is simple to use.

deployment is not learning but knowing how to deploy so after this you just have to practice, make projects and get a job or create your own app.


This was the complete backend web developer roadmap I have talked about which programming language you should use from which database you should use so you must not get confused on while learn backend web development.

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Thank you for reading Have a nice day 🙂

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