Best Node Js Libraries To Use

Today I am going to tell you the best node js libraries to use. If you are backend developer using node js than you need to learn to use these libraries it is very easy and simple to use. so without wasting time lets start.

There are many node js libraries out there which you can use never install a library without any purpose Today I will tell you the best and you will mostly use this node js libraries for your project so read this guide till the end.

If you know backend development and want to become a full stack web developer than read this guide – Roadmap to become a full stack web developer 2021.

Best node js libraries to use


All these best node js libraries which we are going to talk are free and can be easily installed through npm in your project if you want to become a backend developer than read these article – Roadmap to become a backend developer.

1. Express

Express is the most popular library used in node js for backend development. If you want to do routing than with express you can easily create routes and make Api’s it is very easy to use this is the main library for node backend application to create the server and routes.

2. is another great library which can give your application realtime, bidirectional and event-based communication it works on every platform. If you want to create a chat application or you want chat feature in your application than is the library you need.

3. Nodemon

Nodemon is a library which is used while development. If you have a node app then you need to manually restart the server but with nodemon you don’t have to to that nodemon will automatically restart the app if there are any changes in your code.

4. Bcrypt

Bcrypt is used for password hashing with bcrypt you can hash user password before saving it to the database and the password will be saved in a long string if a hacker hacks your database than the hacker will not get the users password.

At the time of login bcrypt will verify the entered password and the database password automatically and if it matches the user would be logged.

5. Jsonwebtoken (JWT)

Jsonwebtoken is a small library which is used for authorization in websites it is very easy to use and simple. You can send to the Jwt token in the frontend and verify it in the backend.

6. Nodemailer

Nodemailer is a library which is used to send emails from the server if you want to send some verification or welcome email you can easily do it with the help of nodemailer.

7. Helmet

Helmet is not that you wear while riding but it is like that. It is a library which is used to secure express apps by setting various http headers it acts like a helmet for your website.

8. Mongoose

If you are using mongodb database then mongoose is a library that you need to connect to your database with mongoose you can read and write to the database.


CORS is a node js library which provides express middleware which can be used to enable CORS options.

10. Dotenv

Dotenv is a small library which allows you to store secrets from your source code if you are going to share your code on github than you don’t want your api or secret keys to be visible by other people so you put them in a .env file.


So these were all the best nodejs libraries to use and most of them you will be using like express, nodemon, CORS, dotenv and more. There are many other libraries also you can use but i can’t share all of them so choose a library that you want to use.

I hope you have found what you were looking for and if you enjoyed these article do share it with your programmers friend and be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to recieve our latest awesome coding articles and guides.

Thank you for reading Have a nice day 🙂

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