How To Become A Self Taught Web Developer For Free

You have heard about web development and you have decided you want to become one but confused that do I need to go to college or do I require a college degree and you want to know how to become a self taught web developer than you are at the right place.
When I first started I also had this questions in my mind and everybody has those. I am self taught full stack web developer. I will clear all your doubts. You will also think that you may need to buy some online courses don’t worry you can learn everything for free.
So today I will tell how to become a self taught web developer. It is going to be like a roadmap to become a self taught web developer. So read till the end.

What you want to do


Well web development is a big. To create a full website you need to create the frontend and the backend of the website. Frontend is your user interface and Backend is your logic and api’s.
You will need to choose one of the field or you can become a full stack which means both. I will explain this more later in details.

Frontend Web development

Frontend web development is development of the frontend of the website which is the design, interactivity and user interface of the website.
You can become a frontend web developer it is much easier than backend development and average salary of a frontend web developer is around $72k it depends upon your experience and skills.

Learn frontend languages

As a frontend web developer you need to be creative while designing a website and in order to develop the frontend you need to know some languages which are
HTML – HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language this is the most basic language every web developer must know. It is used to define the structure of the website. HTML is not a programming language it is very easy to learn you can learn this within 1 to 2 weeks.
You can learn HTML for free from here – Click Here
CSS – CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. This language is used to styling, colors, fonts and make the website look beautiful . CSS is also not a programming language and it is also easy to learn it can take 2 to 3 weeks to learn
You can learn CSS for free from here – Click Here
Javacscript – Javascript is the only programming language used in the frontend it is responsible for the behaviour and actions on the website. Javascript can be used in both frontend and the backend so learn javascript thoroughly.
Since javascript is a programming language for beginners it can take some time to learn and understand the programming concepts it is not that hard just take your time and learn javascript is important but if you have previously learned a programming language than it will be easy for you to learn javascript.
You can learn Javascript for free from here – Click Here

Learn a frontend framework

Now there are great frontend frameworks which you can use. This frameworks increases your website performance and many other features. As a frontend developer you should atleast learn one these are some of the best frontend frameworks.
React – It is a javascript frontend library created and maintained by facebook. React is used in the frontend. It is used for building user interfaces for single page applications so It allows users to create reusable UI components and React is fast because it has live reload.
React uses javascript so you don’t have to learn a new language. As a beginner you should go with react according to stackoverflow this is the most popular frontend framework
Angular – It is a javascript based open source frontend framework created and maintained by google. It is used in frontend to build interfaces for single page applications. It is fast and uses typescript programming languages which is similar to javasript
Vue – This is another javascript frontend framework used for building single page applications and interfaces. this is very compact in size and high on performance. It also uses javascript.

Which To choose?

Don’t waste your time in choosing this frameworks all give you similar pros and cons choose one and start at a later point you can always switch. As a beginner you should go with react because it is fast and easy to learn.
If you want to know more about frontend frameworks than read this article – Best frontend frameworks 2021

Backend Web development

If you have some data and you want to store it you will require a backend that’s where backend developer comes in. So how to backend development which language to use. Well there are many and frameworks which you can use in the backend like python or c#.
Average salary of a backend developer is around $90k it is much higher than frontend because in backend you need to create logic, api and manage database.
But we will use javascript in the backend which means if you have learned javascript in the frontend you can develop the backend with the same language you don’t need to learn a new language this saves a lot of time.

What to learn in the backend

Nodejs – Nodejs is a open source and cross-platform javascript runtime environment which executes javascript outside the browser. You can use node to develop backend for your website.
There are many nodejs libraries available which prevents us from writing everything from scratch. With help NPM which is Node package manager you can install any library in your project.
First before moving to node js you need to learn javascript first than you need to learn node js you can learn node js from youtube for free there are lot of great tutorials
You can learn Node js for free from here – Click Here
If you want to create a website which has data you are gonna need a database and there are lot of databases in the market to choose there are two type of databases no-sql database and sql database.
MySql -MySql database is the best and mostly used database. It is a sql database. This database stores data in tables.
Mongodb – Mongodb is the top ranked database in no-sql databases. This database stores data in javascript object called BSON. With nodejs I will recommend you to use mongodb Database.
You can use any database just choose one from the above and start both database are great.

Full stack web development

Full stack web development is the combination of both the frontend and the backend. You can learn the frontend first than go to the backend. I will recommend you to become a full stack web developer
Because the salary of a full stack web developer is around $110k and more. Full stack web developers are in demand.


So this was the article on how to become a self taught web developer for free. You don’t need to buy any courses just learn from youtube for free but if you need some free udemy courses than join my telegram channel by clicking here – Join Telegram.
So thanks for reading this article I hope you have found what you were looking for thanks for reading meet you next time.

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