Complete Frontend Web Developer Roadmap 2021

Frontend web development is designing and building the frontend of the website. A frontend web developer is responsible for how the website feels and looks he needs to have good understanding on what he or she is working. A frontend developer has to see that the user is comfortable in using and finding what he/she needs on the website.
Frontend development is very exciting and creative field of web development it is part of the full stack web development if you are a frontend web developer and you want to become a full stack web developer you can read these – Roadmap to become a full stack web developer.
So if you are intrested in becoming a frontend web developer than you have came to the right place today i am going to tell you the complete roadmap to become a frontend web developer. Frontend web development is not hard as backend web development. So after reading this article you will be :

  • Able to start your journey as a frontend web developer
  • Have clear roadmap of frontend web development
  • And create beautiful websites

Steps to become a frontend web developer


The frontend of a website is created with these languages HTML, CSS and Javascript each language is responsible for each task in the frontend of the website. So your first step is to learn these three basic web development languages you can’t skip any language you have to learn all 3.

1. Learn HTML

HTML is Hyper Text Markup Language which is a markup language it is not a programming language it is the skeleton of the website it has elements which can be used to show heading, buttons, paragraphs, forms, input and other useful elements. 
HTML is easy to learn and new programmer can learn it within 2 to 3 weeks. If you practice it daily you will learn it within 1 week.

2. Learn CSS

CSS is cascading style sheets which is a website styling language it is also not a programming language it is skin of the skeleton. It is responsible for the colors, font, width and height of the HTML elements. CSS is used to design the website and make it beautiful.
CSS is a important language for frontend web development so you need to learn flexbox which is responsible for the layout of the website. CSS is little harder than HTML but since these are not programming languages you can learn it fast because there is no need to apply logic.
CSS can be learn’t within 3 to 4 weeks. Take your time you don’t need to learn the full CSS just learn the basics and flexbox. 
After learning HTML and CSS you should be able to create websites. you should try to design some headers and footers or a homepage of other websites. You need to practice with HTML and CSS. 
So you have learn’t HTML and CSS and it is just a static plain website without actions so don’t worry therefore there is Javascript.

3. Learn Javascript

Javascript is the only programming language in frontend web development and  you only need to learn Javscript programming language to become a frontend web developer you don’t need to learn any other programming language.
Javacript is a dynamic programming language which runs in the browser. Javascript can be used in the frontend as well as backend with nodeJs. So learning javascript is great advantage. It is responsible for the actions and behaviour of the website.
Learning Javscript is important and it is easy to learn than other programming languages like C++, C# or Java but it will take around a month to learn the basics and other stuff. You need to learn DOM manupalation, fetch, async await and how promise work these are important topics in javascript to learn don’t skip them.  
So you need to learn HTML, CSS and Javacript for frontend web development you need to practice and make some projects with all these languages after practicing you would be able to design any website you want. 
So is this it for the frontend web development well you can create any type of website with these languages but there are frontend frameworks which are used to create websites now a days and there are lot of advantages of using these frameworks. If you want to get a job then having these frameworks in your resume can drastically increase your chance of getting a good job.
I will recommend you to learn one frontend framework from below because in these fast moving world your website needs to be fast and with these frameworks your website speed can be very fast.

4. Learn a frontend framework

So before learning any frontend framework you need to learn HTML, CSS and Javascript you cannot skip them because these frameworks uses these all three languages so learn them first.
There are many frameworks in the market you can learn but these are some of the most popularly used and best frameworks and you don’t have to learn any other programming language because these frameworks are built with javascript
React – React JS is a free javascript framework developed by facebook team. it is used in the frontend for building user interfaces and components. It has live reload which makes the website fast without loading and reusability of components is another great feature for faster development.
As a beginner you should use react because it is easy to learn and can be used to build any website you want.
Angular – It is another javascript framework developed an maintained by google you can learn for the frontend. It is little complex framework and hard to learn if you are a beginner and you need to learn typescript programming language which is similar to javascript but little extra features.
Vue – VueJS is another frontend progressive Javascript framework and it is also used for building UI’s for Single Page Applications. It was developed by guy known as Evan You and it is maintained by his team and him. Vue is a small and compact framework for a small application you can also use it for a large project but it is not recommended.

Which framework to learn?

So now you have to choose between these 3 frameworks. You can choose any framework and can get your work done. I use react js to develop websites an it has been great framework i will recommend you to choose react js for frontend development.


So now we have came to the end to summarize everything you need to learn HTML, CSS and javscript first and then learn a frontend framework like react, angular or vue. so this is what you require to become a frontend web developer you should practice daily to master it.
If you want some reference or resource of these languages than you can refer to this website – Visit w3schools
I hope you found what you were looking for you want more guides like these then you can subscribe to our newsletter. If you have any comment or questions you can ask them in the comments below thank you.
Thank you for reading Have a nice day 🙂

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