Advantages Of Javascript Should You Learn It

Hello coders welcome to coderzway today we will talk about javascript which is my favourite programming language. Today we will see the advantages of javascript and why you should learn it we will see all the advantages of javascript one by one.

Javascript is a client side scripting programming language. Javascript was created on 1995 by brandan eich it was first named as mocha then livescript than finally javascript. Javascript is not java it does not have any relationship with java.

Javascript is mostly used for web development because it runs in the browser you don’t have to install any ide of javascript you can write and run javascript in the browser. Javascript is becoming popular it is competing with python.

So if you are a beginner thinking of learning javascript than you are at the right place because today I will what you can do with javascript and all the advantages of javascript. So let’s start with advantages of javascript.

Advantages of javascript


So let’s dive into the  all advantages of javascript programming language. 

1 – Can build full stack websites

In the past you can just use javascript in the client side of website or a browser but now Javascript has evolved a lot it has many new features. Now you can do backend development with javascript with the help of node js which is a javascript runtime environment.

This means you can develop full stack web apps with a single programming language javascript.

Node js is used by many big companies it is fast and easy to develop with help of node js libraries like express, jwt and many others. So if you want to do full stack or backend development than you should definately choose javascript.

If you want to become a full stack web developer than read this article – Roadmap to become a full stack web developer

2 – Can build mobile apps

We have seen that javascript can be used to build full stack web apps but now you can also build real native mobile apps and the apps which you will build will run on both android and ios with a single codebase and with a single programming language javascript.

React native is a framework which is built in javascript. With react native you can develop native mobile apps. If you know react than you will find it very easy to develop apps in react native.

If you want to become a mobile app developer than read this article – Roadmap to become a mobile app developer.

So with javascript you can become a full stack web developer and a app developer too. If you have choosen another language like java than you will be only able to develop apps for android only. You will had to learn another language if you wanted to develop apps for ios so learning javascript is a great advantage.

3 – High Demand and Salary

Javascript is a popular programming language and it is used in all websites around the world atleast in the frontend so there is high demand for javascript web and app developers and average salary of a javascript developer is $100 to $105k per year in us.

Javascript will grow a lot in the future so learning javascript is not a waste of time

4 – Big Community Support

Javascript is as popular as python. If you ever encounter a bug or error in your code than you will find a lot of solutions online because there are lot of javascript developers so it has a big community support so you will always find a solution to your problem.

5 – Great Frontend Frameworks

Javacript is mostly used in the frontend of the website with HTML and CSS. There are great javascript frontend frameworks you can use if you want to increase the speed and efficient development of the website.

React – It is javascript frontend framework developed by facebook. It drastically improves the speed of the website with live reload and you can reuse components across website which enables faster development. you can also use react in app development with react native.

Angular – It is another javascript framework which can be used for frontend web development it is also fast and enables fast development of the website.

These are great frameworks there are more popular frameworks you can use like Vue, next or ember.
If you want more knowledge of frontend frameworks than you can read these article – Best frontend frameworks 2021.

6 – Easy and Beginner Friendly

Javascript is easy to learn and beginner friendly programming language. It is not hard as C++, C# or Java. It is great programming language for someone who is new to the programming world and can make javascript as their first programming language.

7 – Great Free Learning Resources

If you want to learn javascript you can easily learn it for free there are lot of youtubers who have some awesome free javascript courses or you can learn from w3schools.

This is a javascript course video on youtube you can watch – Watch Now


So these were all the advantages of javascript and if you are still thinking of learning javascript than I will say go learn it it is great. There are other advantages of javascript also but these were the main one.

So this was the article on advantages of javascript thanks for reading till the end I hope you have found what you were looking for and if you want more articles like do subscribe to our newsletter to get latest blog updates thank you.

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