What is coding? How to become a coder in 2021

Interested in Coding want to become a coder don’t know where to start don’t worry today I will tell you what is coding and how to become a coder. It doesn’t matter what your age or your qualification. I will tell you everything about coding and how to become a coder.
If you don’t know a word about coding then don’t worry just focus and read this article completely without skipping. I assure you that you will know everything about coding and you will be ready to become a coder.
Who am I to tell you about coding well? I have been in the coding field for around 4 years and I have a great understanding of computer languages so I will give you the best possible information you want on coding.
We will not waste much of our time but after reading this article if you are looking for more coding articles then visit our blog page there we have all the articles and guides on coding – visit coderzway blog.

What Is Coding?


Coding is also known as computer programming so you write some code that gives some instructions to the computer and the computer performs the task according to the code you have written.
This website, applications, games, and also this browser is created with coding everything in a computer like the software and OS systems are created with coding. Now let’s see how to write this code.

How to write code

I have told that software is created with coding so how do you write this code what is the format and all other things well computers donโ€™t understand our human language so there are computer languages which the computers understand
You write code with these computer languages so to do coding you need to learn a computer language also known as a programming language.
The code which you write in a programming language gets compiled or converted to machine code which the computer understands which is binary which are 0’s and 1 computer just understand 0 and 1
Don’t worry you don’t need to learn binary and you are not going to write code with just numbers therefore there are programming languages made which are easier to read and write for humans.
If you want to know more about these you can watch the CS50 course which is a free course on coding which explains about computer programming from scratch you can watch it on youtube.

How To Become A Coder

We have to talk about what coding is. Now we will see how to become a coder, which is a very important question. Many people learn coding the wrong way which wastes a lot of time and you also feel demotivated.
So I will tell you exactly how to become a coder don’t worry, it’s all free. You don’t even need to go to any college or buy any paid courses. You can learn coding for absolutely free. I will talk about these later.

What do you want to become?

See coding is a tool to create something amazing so your first question must be what you want to become or what you want to do with coding there are many fields you can choose in coding you love.
If you are not sure what you want to become or what you want to do with coding then below are some of the best fields of coding you can choose.

Things you can do with coding

As coding is a big and diversified field you will never finish learning all the fields so you need to pick a field you love to do and pursue it. Here are some of the best coding fields you can choose.

Web Development

Web development is developing websites. You can become a web developer. It is one of the most popular fields in programming. If you are a beginner then you should start web development.
You can learn and become 3 types of web developers: frontend web developer, backend web developer, and lastly full stack web developer combination of both frontend and backend of a website.
If you are interested in web development then you should read this article – Roadmap to become a full stack web developer. I have explained more about web development there.

App Development

If you want to develop your own mobile apps then you should learn app development and become a mobile app developer you can learn android app development, ios app development, or cross-platform app development.
I could explain more about this now but this will make this article lengthy so I have a detailed article on how to become a mobile app developer you can read this article – How to become a mobile app developer for more information.  

Game Development

You may love to play games. Ever thought of creating one with coding, you can create games and become a game developer. Game development is one of the most interesting fields. I first started out as a game developer and I enjoyed making games.
You can start learning game development and develop your games and publish them. You can make a great amount of money in game development.
If you want to become a game developer then read this guide – Game development roadmap 2021. In this guide, I have explained everything on how to become a game developer.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is another field you can choose. Machine learning is getting computers to learn like human beings by training them by feeding data. you can create your machine learning models.
To become a machine learning expert takes time and effort. You need to also have a good understanding of mathematics to know more about machine learning read this guide – Machine learning roadmap 2021.

Ethical hacking

If you have dreamed of becoming a hacker then you can do that with coding. You can become an ethical hacker who helps people find vulnerabilities in their programs, websites, and applications.
There are two types of hackers white hat hackers and black hat hackers. You should never become a blackhat hacker because they hack into other people and steal from them. This can lead you to jail too. 
So these were some of the things you can do with coding there are many other things also but these are the most popular fields of coding. 

Which programming language to learn?

We have talked about how coding is done with a programming language and you need to learn a programming language so which programming language you should learn.
Now we have only talked about what you want to do and things you can do so based on what you want to become you have to learn a programming language see if you think that I will learn the best programming language.
Then let me tell you that there is no best programming language. Every programming language is best. Each language has its purpose and uses, so as I have said, learn a programming language based on what you want to become.
There are many programming languages like python, java, c++, javascript, etc. If someone says you should learn python because it is popular then you are making a mistake.
See never learn a programming language because it is easy or popular to learn it if you want to do something with it programming languages are just tools to create the product you want to learn according to what you want to create.
I hope you understand what I am trying to say as I have said that there are many programming languages and each of them is used for a particular task. Here are some languages you may want to learn according to what you want to do.

  • Javascript or python – Learn one of them if you want to do web development
  • Java or Javascript  – Learn one of them if you want to do app development
  • Python – To do machine learning and ethical hacking
  • C++ or C# – For game development, dsa, and software

I listed some programming languages and their uses. You should research what you want to become and which is the best programming language. For that, you can browse our blog for more info.

How to learn coding for free

We have talked about how to become a coder and things you can do with coding now you want to learn programming languages to code and more things for that the best place is youtube.
Youtube is the best place to learn coding for free. You will find great tutorials on any programming language. Just search for it. I have learned everything from Youtube for free and never purchased a course.
Believe me, you can learn everything about coding for free on youtube if you can purchase some courses then you can do it your choice but if you are a student and don’t have money then youtube is the place you go to learn coding for free.


This was a long article on what coding is and how to become a coder. If you are still confused about coding then you can contact me on Instagram @coderzway. To summarise, let’s see what we have seen.

  • What is coding
  • How to write code
  • How to become a coder
  • Things you can do with coding
  • How to learn to code for free

I hope you found this article helpful and useful and also you got what is coding and how to become a coder. If you want more articles on coding then do subscribe to our newsletter to get emails of our latest guides.
Thanks for reading. Have a nice day ๐Ÿ™‚

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