How To Start Programming In Python

Hello programmers welcome to Coderzway a place for coders to learn and become better programmer. Today I am going to talk about how to start programming in python. You may have heard of this language because it is the most popular programming language.

Python is a general purpose programming language which can be used for web development, app development, machine learning, data science and many other things that is why it is the most popular programming language.

Python is also easy to learn and write python syntax is very short and simple. So if you are new to programming and you are thinking of starting to learn python as your first programming language than you are at the right place.

Before telling you how to start programming in python lets take a look at some advantages of using python programming language.

Advantages of python


Python has a lot of advantages it can be used for most of the tasks let’s take a look at them all one by one.

Easy to learn – Python is the most easiest programming language because the syntax is easy to remember and understand. If you know a programming language like c++ or java and now you are learning python you will be shocked with simplicity of python code.

Faster development – Python ensures faster development of projects because writing code is fast and simple this improves productivity it also has a lot of great libraries to prevent you from writing complex code.

Has large community – Python is very old programming language since it is also popular it has big community which you can seek help from you have any errors or problems.

Can be used for many things – The reason why python is popular because of the things you can do with one language. You can do web development, app development, machine learning, game development and many other things. You can do everything with python.

Lot of great libraries – Python has great libraries from face recognition to creating a folder. It has all type of libraries which prevent you from writing complex code.

So this were some advantages of python there are many other advantages. So now you know that choosing python is a good decision and now you are motivated and want to know how to start programming in python so lets start.

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How to start programming in python

So lets take a look at all the steps to start programming in python we will code and run our first hello world python program so let’s code.

1 – Download and install python

Inorder to run python you python installed on your machine so download the latest version of python from the official python website here – Download python. After downloading the python setup will start in the setup click add python to path then go on clicking next.

2 – Check and run

So after installing go to your terminal and type python if you see something like this than python is successfully installed.

In the terminal type this this will print hello world to the console

This will print hello world in the terminal congrats you have written your first python program.

So what’s next

Now you have python installed and you have written your first python program. It is not finished this is just starting of python now you need to learn python language and install code editor so lets look what’s next.

Install vs code

Now you will need to install a code editor to edit your python scripts you cannot just code in the terminal it is not suitable. You can use vs code which is a free small code editor by microsoft.

Vs code has many extension to help you while writing code.

Learn basics

Python is a programming language so you need to learn some concepts like loops, data structures and statements. As a beginner you don’t need to go to advance you can learn python from youtube for free there are great tutorials out there just search python tutorial.

This a python course youtube video you can watch to learn the basics of python – Watch Now

Choose a field

See a programming language is like a tool to build something so after learning python you need to use it to build something and python has the capabilities to build apps, websites, games, automating and machine learning models and many things.

So you need to choose a field and I have told you that python can be used in many things. Python has many libraries which can help you do many things.

  • Web development – you can use django or flask library
  • Game development – you can use pygame library
  • Machine Learning – you can use Tensorflow, keras, pandas and many more.

You can also do data science or analytics with python. So you can do many things with python you have to choose one field and start working on it. The thing is you need to use python to become a web developer, machine learning expert or a game developer.

With python you can become anyone that’s the great advantage you get by learning python you don’t need to learn a new programming language. So start by picking a field and start learning it. Don’t learn machine learning and web development together focus on one thing only.

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So this the article on how to start programming in python. I hope you learn python and become a great programmer. Don’t give up if you found yourself in a problem try to fix it till you reach your goal.

So thank you for reading this article if you found it helpful you can share it with your friends who want to know how to start programming in python and you can subscribe to our newsletter for more blog updates thank you once again.

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