How To Hack Chrome Dinosaur Game

As a programmer all your work is done on the computer or laptop and most of you will use chrome browser If your network or internet goes down you probably click on the dinosaur and start playing the chrome dinosaur game which becomes very difficult over time.

So today I am going to show you how to hack the chrome dinosaur game with just one line of code. The game will never end it will just keep on going till your laptop or pc dies. You don’t need to know any programming language or download any software so lets start hacking. Note that you cannot do this on a mobile you need a pc or a laptop.

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How to hack chrome dinosaur game


1 – First open chrome and load the game

So your first step is to open chrome without internet and search for anything then the dinosaur will appear or you can go to this url chrome://dino/ and the dinosaur game will appear. you don’t have to start the game go to the next step.

2 – Open chrome inspect tool

You have to right click on your mouse or touchpad and a menu will come click on inspect button and the chrome inspect tool will open.

3 – Go to the console tab

Once the chrome inspect tool is opened go to the console tab. This where you write the javascript code and executes in the browser so the last step is …

4 – Paste this code in the console

Now paste this line of code in the console This code will make the game endless it will never game over.
Runner.instance_.gameOver = () => {}


Congratulations you have successfully hacked chrome dinosaur game. So if you loved this article subscribe to our newsletter and browse through our blog for more awesome articles. Thanks for reading happy hacking.

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