How to get multiple checkbox value in javascript with getelementbyid

Looking for a way to get multiple checkbox value in Javascript with getelementbyid then you are the right place today I will show how to get value from multiple checkboxes in Javascript with getelementbyid so follow up with me till the end.

Checkbox is a great way of input which allows users to select something they are used in registration and logins forms below is the code for checkbox input in HTML.

Above is the HTML code to create a checkbox in HTML now we want to get the values from these checkboxes so how do we do it if you said Javascript then you are right.

How to get multiple checkbox value in Javascript

Now let’s see how to get values from this checkboxes so first we need to create HTML page you can copy the below code or create your own one.

Above is the HTML code you can test this code and see how it works remember to add Id’s name properly because we need to use it in Javascript now let’s take a look at Javascript code.

You have to add the above Javascript code to a seperate Javascript file and link it in HTML or add it in script tag in HTML code.

If you have tested the above code you can see that we get the selected value shown as a message so we were successfully able to get multiple checkbox value in Javascript with getElementByID(). You can expand upon this and add more functionalities.


This was a short and very simple tutorial guide on getting multiple values in Javascript with array and getelementbyid I hope you found what you were looking for and if you are looking for more guides here are some more tutorial guides you may find helpful:

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Thank you for reading, Have a nice day 🙂

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