How To Get Better At Programming

Today in this article I will tell you how to get better at programming. I am going to share some ways which i use to make myself productive and stop procasinating. Being productive is very difficult when there are lot distraction like you tend to use your phone and browse instagram or youtube which kills your productivity.

So today I am going share my personal ways which helped me become a better programmer and I hope it will help you archieve your goals so lets start.

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How To Get Better At Programming


Today I will show you how to get better at programming after reading this article your programming skill will improve and you will become a better programmer.

1. Setting up of goal

As a programmer you need to have a clear goal of what you want to become. You need to be clear if you want to become a web developer or a app developer you can become both but don’t set multiple goals at one time.

If you want to become a web developer learn web development first.  Don’t try to learn any other things you would not be able to focus and you will not learn anything. So have a clear goal and write on a book.

2. Have a routine

You need to have a routine. A plan how you are going to spend your day. In your life you have lot of tasks or job to do so you need to plan if you have a plan than when you are going to start programming or learn something you would know what you have to do and this will make you productive and you will get a lot of work done.

As a programmer you should drink water a lot like 2 to 3 litres this is not just for programmers its for everybody. water is important and you should make a habit of drinking water. you should try to adopt good habits like drinking water, eating fruits, exercise, reading and more.

3. Do exercise

Doing exercise has helped me greatly to focus and be productive while programming and it is important for a programmer inorder to be productive, healthy and fit body. Doing exercise for atleast 30 minutes a day will give you a great boost through out your day and it will make you confidence and productive. 

Health is more important than wealth. As a programmer you sit for like 6 hours a day and your body needs movement if you don’t exercise it can become a problem in the future. You can do simple pushups, squats  at home or go to gym everyday.

4. Planning before Programming

You need to plan before start programming anything like building website or app. you can write what you have to do or steps in a book. You can write how everything will work

This way your mind would be free from thinking what you have to do next and you just have to follow your plan. This way you will finish your projects on time and you will be more confident to do more.

5. Learn something new everyday

In programming there a lot of new things to learn if you are a web developer you can start to learn about app development or any new framework. The thing you should never stop learning the one who stops learning losses.

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6. Read books

Reading books is great habit even the richest person on the earth read books everyday. Reading books help you build mindset and creativity. As a programmer you can read programming, finance, personal development etc. 

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7. Stay disciplined

Staying disciplined is the most important thing you need to stay at your chair if you didn’t finish your work you should not touch your mobile while working and you need to follow your routine or plan.

8. Never Give Up

Never give up is just not for failing in business or become successfull. If you fail to follow the plans you have made, you have failed to exercise or program daily. It happens with everyone it happened to me but the thing is you need to keep trying to follow your plan, exercise, program or learn and ultimately you will stop procasinating and archieve your goals.


All these points which i have told are the base foundation of every successful person if you don’t have this you can fail. Doing exercise, reading books, planning, programming daily and drinking more water daily will benefit you a lot. These things are just not for programmers but for everyone. So never give up building these good habits.

I hope you found these article helpful and if you have any questions or comment you can tell them below and thanks for reading.

Thank you for reading Have a nice day 🙂

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