Blogger Vs WordPress Best For Blogging

Today I am going to talk about blogger vs wordpress both are Content management system and if you are thinking to start a blog or a website and you are not sure what to choose than don’t worry because 

Today I am going to tell you a comparitive difference of blogger vs wordpress. I will tell you which best for you to choose so read till the end.

Blogger Vs WordPress


Blogger and WordPress are most widely used blog management systems in the world. WordPress is most popularaly used for making blogs. It is used in 38% of all sites. Blogger is also used by many bloggers.


WordPress is a free open source content management system. You can easily create a blog, a online store etc on wordpress. WordPress powers more than 38% of all websites in the world.

To use wordpress you need to buy hosting and a domain to install wordpress. So it is not free you have to make a small investment which is not much. You will get hosting for like 15$ per year and a domain for like 5$ for a year.

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Pros of wordpress

ease of use

WordPress is very easy to use and manage your blog. If you are a beginner you can easily learn to use wordpress within 3 to 4 days. You don’t need any coding skills.

lots of themes

In wordpress there are lot of free and paid themes you can use to make your blog beautiful and interactive.

Great Plugins

There are lot of great plugins that you can use which will help you provide additional features to your blog like adding subscription, selling products and most of them are free.


You can customize the design of the website however you want with free plugins like elementor. You can also get readymade templates for your blog.


In the future if your blog grows and you want to add some additional features like selling products, adding payment system or additional features you can easily do with wordpress plugins. 

Cons of wordpress

Not Free

The thing about wordpress is that you need a hosting to use wordpress which is not free. I know hosting’s are not expensive but for someone who is a student who is not working cannot afford to buy hosting.

High traffic

If your blog gets high traffic and your hosting cannot handle than your blog can be down.


Blogger is a completely free platform for blogging purpose only provided by google it was started in 1999 by pyra labs later it was acquired by google.

You don’t need to buy a hosting because blogger gives you a free hosting service that lets create a blog without paying anything.

You also get a free subdomain but you need to buy a domain because if you want to make money through adsense I think google doesn’t allow subdomains. So you just need to buy a domain if you are going to use blogger. 

Pros of blogger

It is free

The biggest pro of blogger is that it is free to use. You don’t need to buy a hosting and but you will need to buy a domain which is cheaper than a hosting.

No worries of high traffic

Blogger is provided by google if your blog gets high traffic than you don’t need to worry your blog will run smoothly.

Ease of use

Blogger is easy to use with a simple layout. You can easily write and create posts and pages for your blog.

Cons of blogger

Less customization

In blogger you don’t get to customize everything you just get to change some layouts if you want to customise than you need to have programming knowledge.

Less themes

There are not a lot of great themes for blogger. You may need to use some paid or create your own theme through programming.

Less features

In blogger there are less features available you will just have simple blog if you want to have some additional features like subscription or selling than blogger is not suitable.


In the future if your blog grows and you get good amount of traffic and if you want to sell products or have additional features than blogger is not suitable. 


So we have seen the pros and cons of both blogger and wordpress. When i first started blogging i started on blogger but than i moved to wordpress and it was really a great descion because wordpress is awesome.

If you are serious about blogging than i think you should start on wordpress. It is a small investment that you will make which later will reward you higher.

So this was blogger vs wordpress if you found this article useful than share it with your friends and family who wants to start blogging and if you have any questions comment down below thank you.  

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