Best Programming Languages To Learn In 2021

Today we are going to answer the most common question in the programming world which is Best programming languages to learn in 2021.
If you are new or experienced programmer and you want to learn a programming langauge and there are lots of programming languages out there so you can’t decide which programming language to choose don’t worry today i will help you to choose a programming language.
First all the programming languages are best they cannot be compared they have their own pros and cons so the question we should ask is what i want to do with programming languages. each programming language have a purpose and you should too have a purpose.
You should not learn python because of its popularity but learn python if you need it. so in this article I will tell you the programming languages and their purpose if you found your purpose in them then you should go with that language.

Best programming languages and their purpose


So below are the best 5 languages and their purpose these languages are very useful and if you learn one language you can learn a new language easily so choose what is best for your purpose

1. Javascript

Javascript is a scripting programming language it used in web development, app devlopment and machine learning. Earlier javascript could only run in the browser but now javascript can be used to create backend with the help of node which is a javascript runtime environment which enables javascript to run outside the browser.
Javascript is very popular language and is used by many developers. it has a great community and it is used in building popular frameworks like React, Angular and Vue.
You can use or learn javascript if you want to become a web developer it is a necessary language in web development and you can also use javascript to develop mobile apps with react native.
It can also be used in machine learning it is not suitable and recommended to use it in machine learning because there are other great languages for these tasks.
So choose javascript if you want to become a web developer or a app developer. You can use javascript in the backend also so you can become a full stack web developer.
you can read these articles If you want to become a 

2. Python

Python is the most used and popular programming language because of its simplicity, easy to learn and choosing python gives you the options to become a web developer, app developer, game developer, machine learning expert, artificial intelligence, data analysis, automation and many more.
Python has a great community support it has great libraries which makes development easier there are many python developers out there which increases competition if you want to get a job. Python is used in many big companies like instagram, youtube and many more.
Python is also used in web development that doesn’t mean that you should not learn javascript the advantage of learning javascript for web development is that it can be used in the frontend as well as the backend so if you have to learn only one language. But if you like python you can use it in the backend with django or flask.
if you want to learn machine learning or artificial intelligence or something with data than python is the language you should learn.
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3. Java

Java is object oriented programming language. Java is very powerful can be used to create apps and website. Java is the language of the android. Java is the official programming language used to develops apps for andoid.
Java has become old but yet powerful it is little hard to learn compared to javascript and python. Java can be used in web development but javascript is better when it comes to web development as java is hard to learn if you are a beginner.
Java is great if you want to develop apps for android only with android studio and java is great if you want to do object oriented programming. you want more details you can read these – Java docs

4. Swift

Swift is intuitive and powerful programming language. It is mostly used in to create apps and softwares of IOS devices like macOS, Iphone and other devices. Swift is very fast and modern programming language as it is new it has great features. It is designed for safety it is very safe programming langauge.
IOS app developers are in a demand because there are not a lot swift developers because it is new. Inorder to develop ios apps you need a mac you cannot run xcode on windows or linux which is a IDE for developing IOS apps.
if you want to become a IOS app or software developer than you should learn Swift there are lot of job opportunities available. if you want more details you can read these – Swift docs

5. C#

C# (C-Sharp) is a programming language developed by microsoft it runs on the .net framework. It can be used to develop Websites, apps, desktop apps adn games. It also used in AR/VR.
I will recommend C# if you want to become a game developer because you can use C# with unity which is the best game engine for game development and use C# there. C# is modern language and it will be very useful in the future.
I first started my programming journey by learning C# because i wanted to become a game developer. So if you are intrested in game development than C# is the language you want to learn.


So these were all the programming languages. I have not mentioned other programming languages like C++, C, PHP or R and if you know them you should surely use those. The languages above are great for their purpose.
Javascript – for web and app development
Python – for machine learning, artificial intelligence, app development and data science
Java – android app development
Swift – IOS app and software development 
C# – for game development and software
So I hope you find this article useful and helpful in choosing the best programming language for your purpose so if you want more articles like this you can subscribe to our newsletter thank you.
If you want to know more about programming language than you should visit w3schools website they have amazing resources – visit w3 schools.
Thanks for reading Have a nice day 🙂

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