Best Next js books to read in 2021

Next is a React framework for production. If you are interested in learning Next js then Today I will share with you the best Next Js Books. If you are someone who loves to learn things by reading books then you are at the right place.

Next js is a new framework. It is not that old so there are not many learning resources for next js but I found some next js books from which you can learn next js. These are some of the best Next Js books you are going to find.

What is next js?


As I have said, the next js is react framework for production. Next js provides many additional features that react js does not provide if you know react js previously then it is very easy to learn next js.

I can’t explain everything about next js here because it will be out of topic and you must be knowing what is next js but if you don’t or want to know more than you can refer to this article – What is next js ? Why should you use it?.

4 Best Next Js Books To Read

As I have said that there are not many next js books so I have done some research and found the best next js book which will help you learn next js. All these books are available on amazon. I have given all the links of each book.

Next js uses react js so if you don’t know about react js then you can read this guide about best react js books and advantages of react js To know more about react js.

1. Next.js Quick Start Guide: Server-side rendering done right

Next js books

This is the next js quick start guide book. In this book you will learn how to get started with the next js and how server side rendering works. This is a great book for learning next js. It has more than 150 pages of learning.

If you want to know more about this book and purchase this next js book then you can buy this book here – Buy Next quick start guide book.

2. Building React Apps with Server-Side Rendering: Use React, Redux, and Next js

Next js books

In this book you are going to learn about building the next js application. You are also going to learn about react js and redux which is a state management library for next and react applications.

You will learn the next js concepts and how to build the next js website in this book. If you want to get this book you can get it on amazon here – Buy this book.

3. Advanced Web Development With React and next js book

Next js books

This is another book you can get. You will learn to Amazon React js concepts and also the next js. This book is a complete guide to learning next js along with react js you will learn how to build the next js application in this book.

If you want to get the advanced web development book then you can buy it on Amazon here – Buy advanced web development book.

4. Next js handbook – Free next js books

Next Js books

This is a free next js book you can get in this book you will learn about routing, api creating and more about next js. It is like a guidebook you can use when you are learning the next js and it is completely free.

You will not find this book on amazon it is a book provided for free by flaviocopes you can get his next js book for free here – Get the next js handbook.


These were all the best next js books you are going to find on the internet for now as I have told you can buy them directly from amazon Note that some of the links are my affiliate links so I will get a commission if you purchase any book.

I hope you found this next js books article helpful and if it did, do share it with friends who are interested in the next js and if you want more guides do subscribe to our newsletter for the latest coding guides updates from us.

Thank you for reading, Have a nice day 🙂

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