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WordPress is a free Content management system (CMS) which is written in PHP Programming language. WordPress is a great tool to create blogs, ecommerce websites and other websites. you don’t need programming knowledge to use it because there are themes and plugins installed to add functionality to your websites.
So Today i will tell you the best free wordpress plugins to install and use in your wordpress website. If you have a wordpress blog or any other kind of website and is slow this must be because of the unnecessary plugins installed in your wordpress site. I have some best free wordpress plugins for you so read the full article.
I will tell you best 10 WordPress plugins to use and i think out of 10 you will require atleast 6 plugins which i am going to tell.

Best 10 Free WordPress Plugins


Best 10 free wordpress plugins

1 : Elementor

Elementor is the best free page builder plugin for your wordpress website. It is drag and drop elements wherever you want it is very easy to use anyone within 1 hour can learn to use it you don’t have to create anything you get prebuilt elements and no need to have any knowledge of CSS.

2 : Woocommerce

If you want to create or start a online store from wordpress you are gonna need this very powerful and compulsory ecommerce plugin woocommerce this is the best free plugin for a ecommerce store. you can easily setup your store, easy and secure payment integration and manage orders easily.
you get many features like add to cart, many payment integration methods like stripe, paypal, amazon pay, cash on delivery etc. You can easily add products and sell anything you want. There is no other plugins that can replace these to create ecommerce wordpress website.

3 : Yoast Seo

Yoast seo is Search Engine optimisation plugin which helps your wordpress website to rank on google. It is best and mostly used seo plugin with 5 million plus users. It helps to get more users to your website with its cool features.
It has great features like live preview of the website in google search and yoast seo also helps you to avoid duplicate and outdated content on your website. It is a free plugin but also has a premium version which is paid.

4 : Updraft Plus

If your hosting company charges you for backups than don’t worry with updraft plus you can take backups of your website for free and save it in a cloud storage in google drive even if your website crashes you can install the plugin and you will get your website as it is.

5 : Google Site Kit

Google SiteKit is a official free plugin by google which is very beneficial it shows you the speed, analytics and search data of your complete website and also you connect it with adsense it is compulsory to have this plugin in your wordpress website if you are gonna use adsense.

6 : Contact Form 7

Conatct form 7 is a free small plugin which enables you to put contact form in your website. with this plugin you can create contact form and embed it in your website you can create multiple forms with this plugins and customize it. It also has recaptcha integration you can use.

7 : Essential addons for elementor

Essential addons for elementor is a free plugin for elementor which gives additional elements and customisable features which you can add to your website it is a great free plugin if you are using elementor page builder it only works with elementor.

8 : Smush

Smush is a free wordpress plugin which is used to optimise images, turn on lazy load on images, resize and compress which helps to improve page performance and it increases the speed of the page incredibly.

9 : ElementsKit Lite

ElementsKit lite is a free additional plugin for elementor from which you can create custom header and footer, mega menu and layouts. It also provides new elements and features to the elementor page builder. It is great free addon for elementor.

10 : All In One SEO

All in one seo is another free plugin for Search Engine Optimisation. It is similar to yoast seo but it has good user interface to work. you can try both seo plugin see what is best for you.


These were all the best plugins you require in your wordpress website. Elementor, Yoast Seo, Woocommerce, UpdraftPlus, Google Site Kit, Contact Form 7, Essential Addons for elementor, Smush, ElementsKit Lite, All in one SEO out of these you will use atleast 6 plugins for your WordPress website.
So this was all for today and thank you for reading our article we will make more coding related content on this blog so subscribe to our newsletter and if you have any question comment down below.

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