Best Free Game Engine For Indie Game Developer 2021

Today I am going to tell you the best free game engine for indie game developers if you want to become a indie game developer or you are a beginner you want to create games like pubg or minecraft.

Than you will need a game engine for that if you are a indie game developer than you will require a game engine and there are many game engines in the market that you can use. So today I will tell you the best free game engine for indie game developer.

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What is a game engine ?


I said that you need to a game engine so what’s exactly a game engine. A game engine is software which are developed by developers for game development ease it is not an ide or a compiler but it is like a framework for building games.

A game engine comes with a set of tools builtin which you can use and build a game that you want as I have told you that there are many game engines and each game engine is different in design and provides different set of tools.

The game engine which I am going to talk about is free and can be used to develop any type of games.

Why you need a game engine?

Probably your another question would be why you need a game engine. A game engine is developed by many developers who are expert or you may call experienced programmers.

You are just a single person and if you don’t have a good knowledge of programming than it will be very difficult for you to develop games so using a game engine will not only save you time but it will benefit you to create the game you want faster.

If you are using a game engine that doesn’t mean it is simple and easy to develop games as a individual person you need to learn about the game engine, learn programming and design your game it is a lengthy process.

But one thing about game development is that it is really fun and you will enjoy the process of game development.

Best Free Game Engine

We have talked about what is a game engine and why you need a game engine so now I will tell you the best free game engine.

Unity Game Engine

The best game engine is Unity game engine. Unity is a cross platform game engine which is developed by unity technologies it is the most popular game engine and beginner friendly game engine.

It is used by many indie game developers and I found this game engine awesome because it has many builtin features like ar, ai and animation. You can build 2d as well 3d games.

Unity is a cross platform game engine so you can develop games in android, ios, windows, mac and there are more options.

You need to know a programming language for putting logic in your game unity uses c# programming language so you need to learn this it is very easy to learn and use unity than other game engines.

To know download and install unity visit the official unity website – Visit Unity Website.

Features and functions of unity

So let’s see some features and functions of unity

1. Low specs pc requirement

If you don’t have a good pc with lot of ram than don’t worry unity requires you to have only 4GB of RAM recommended is 8GB but if you have 4GB you can develop games with unity.

2. Cross platform game development

Unity is a cross platform game engine this means that you can use unity to develop games for android, IOS, windows mac. This is another great advantage of untiy.

3. Can build 2d or 3d games

With unity you can build both 2d and 3 games you can easily switch between environments there are many game engines which just allow you to develop 2d games.

4. Uses C# programming language

Unity requires you to know a programming language which C# earlier it was javascript. C# is a language developed by microsoft it is a beginner friendly language to learn.

5. Can be used to build High quality games

In unity you can build high quality games like hdr quality unity has improved a lot on game graphics it has many options and tools on game graphic quality.

6. Beginner friendly

Unity is very beginner friendly to use you can learn unity very fast and easily it has good user interface and there are lot of free resources to learn unity.

7. Provides multiplayer support

If you want to create a AAA or a multiplayer game you can do it with unity it has a multiplayer support.

8. Other features and functionality
  • It supports AR, VR AND AI
  • It has asset store where you can get UI’s and game assets.
  • It is a free game engine.
  • Big community with more than 1.5 million active users.
  • Can be used to build any type of games

Best resources to learn unity for free

This are some of the best resources to learn unity for free

  • Free game development course by brackeys youtube channel – click here
  • Free courses by unity – click here
  • Free unity course on udemy (Can get expired) – click here


Unity the best game engine for indie game developers I would really recommend you to go with unity for game development it has lot of features.

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So this was for today if you liked this guide on best free game engine for indie game developers in 2021 than do comment below and if you want more like this do subscribe to our newsletter.

Thank you for reading. Have a nice day 🙂

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