Best Free Apps To Learn Coding In 2021

Today I will tell you the best free apps to learn coding in 2021. I have installed and used this apps when i first started my programming journey. There are lot of apps on the playstore which are paid but I am going to tell you the best free apps to learn coding in 2021 so read till the end.

All these apps are free and can be easily installed from playstore or app store so if you are ready lets start.

Best free apps to learn coding


These are some of the best free apps to learn coding in 2021


Sololearn is the best app to learn coding for free. It has great free tutorials about Web development including HTML and CSS. It also has programming languages tutorial like python, java, javascript, c++, c#, php etc. It has more than 10 million download on playstore.

It is a great platform to learn a programming language they have questions after each lesson which helps you remember and become a better programmer. You can also write programs in python, c#, javascript and many more on this app and share it with other developers.

Programming hero

Programming hero is another app where you can learn coding. But this app is fun to use and it is very interactive. You can learn game development, app development and web development from these app.

It also has may questions that you can solve and practice your programming skills. This app has around 500k plus downloads on playstore. It is really a great app to learn coding.


Mimo is another free app to learn coding it makes learning coding easy and fun. You can learn programming languages like python, javascript, java and others. you have to solve a questions after every tutorial which makes it more intresting.

Mimo has more than 5 million downloads on playstore it is a great app you can install and start to learn coding.

Great learning

Great learning is a app where you can get free courses and certificates it has great courses on machine learning, artificial intelligence, web and app development for free their video tutorials are awesome.

You should definately download and use this app because it has many free courses about programming and other things like business and finance. It has more than 500k downloads on playstore.

Programming hub  

Programming hub is a app where you can learn programming languages, hacking, app development for free this app has the most numbers of tutorials on programming and you should download it.

It has more than 5 million downloads on playstore it is a great app to learn programming.



So this were the apps where you can learn programming for free this apps have a paid subscription which you can buy but it is not necessary. I will recommend you to install every application because they have practice problems you can solve.

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