Making A Bank Account Program In Python

Today we will make a bank account program in python it will be like bank management system with python the user will be able to withdraw, deposit and check their balance this is a basic bank account program in python.

The program is created with python without any libraries I have used functional programming to create this program I hope you will like this and you should try to create it on your own if you can’t I will give code below.

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Bank account program in python


I hope you have knowledge of python basics and you have python installed on your machine if you don’t have python installed you can go to the python website and download – download python and remember to check add python to path while installing.

1. Create python file

Now first you need to create python file with .py extension you can go to any folder and create a python file and you need to open this file in a text editor I use vs code you can use any editor you can download vs code from here – download vs code.

2. Copy and paste

Now you have created the file now this is the code of the bank account program you can paste this code for bank account python program.

3. Run the file

So now you have to run this file you can run the file through command prompt by typing python enter the name of your python file this will run the program.


How this works

The program is made using functions the main function is the start functions which runs on the start of the program the start function will run untill the is_quit is true then there we have the withdraw, deposit and balance functions.

So this was a simple bank account program in python if you have created it own your own then great if you can’t copy and paste the above code you can add more functionality to this program.

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