Advantages And Disadvantages Of Python

In the programming world everyone knows who is the snake in the programming world. Yeah I am talking about the most popular programming language python. Today I am going to tell you all the advantages and disadvantages of python.

If you are new to programming and you want to choose python as your first programming language and you want to know if it is helpful and useful then you are at the right place. I am going to talk about the advantages of python and disadvantages of python.

Everything programming language has their own advantages and disadvantages one may be slow or fast but you can get the work done so lets start our journey to know the advantages and disadvantages of python. First let’s talk a little about python.

Python Overview


Python is a interpreted language and dynamically-typed general purpose programming language It was created around the 1990’s it is very old programming language. It can used for software development, websites and high level calculations it is very powerful.

Python is old but yet popular programming language so let’s see all the advantages and disadvantages of python programming language.

If you want to know how to start programming in python than read this article – How to start programming in python

Advantages of python

First let’s see all the advantages of python programming language

1 – Easy to learn

There are many reasons why python is popular and this is one of the reason that python is very easy to learn compared to languages like c++, java or c#. It is a beginner friendly programming language the syntax is very simple.

2 – Syntax Simplicity

Python is easy to learn and also the syntax of python is very simple and small. It is really simple python has the most minimal and simple syntax than other programming language which makes it easy to learn and write python programs.

3 – Many fields to choose

I personally love python because you can do anything with it you can do develop websites, applications, also do machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science, automation and many things.

Whereas if you take a language like java you can only do android app development and backend for websites. If you want to do machine learning than you need to learn another language like python or r because machine learning with java is not prefered and suitable.

4 – Lot of libraries

Python has the most number of libraries which you can freely use in your project to add additional features without writing complex code. There are lot of libraries you can try and use. There are great libraries for machine learning, web development, app development and automation.

5 – Can build big applications

With python you can build any type of application it may be big or small or it may be a website or a app you can build any type of big applications.

6 – Big community

Python is old and the most popular programming language so it has a big community of python developers which means if you ever caught a error or a problem you will easily find a solution online because it has a big community.

You can easily install any python library in your project with the help of pip which is a package manager for python you just have to type pip install package-name in your terminal.

7 – Developer friendly

Python is used by most of the developers because it is developer friendly because it is very simple to learn and write which increases productivity which gets more work done and it also helps in faster development.

8 – Great Free learning resources

Python is very popular and there are lot content creators or youtubers who have great videos to learn python from beginner to advance for free just search python tutorial on youtube you will get a lot of great python videos.

This a python course youtube video you can watch to learn the basics of python – Watch Now

So these were some of the advantages of python there are many others but these are enough for your information so now lets take a look at some disadvantages of python programming language.

Disadvantages of python

So now it’s time for some disadvantages of python they are not that harmful and dangerous

1 – It is not that fast

Python is a interpreted programming language. Python executes it’s code line by line which leads to slower performance. This doesn’t means that your apps or web apps will run slow they will run fast but if you want to do some high computation than you should not use python.

You can use programming languages like c or c++ for high computation and python is not the fastest programming language.

2 – Weak in mobile computing

Python is mostly used in the backend or on the server. It is not used in the client side or mobile apps because python is not memory efficient and has slow processing power than other programming languages like c or c++.

3 – It is not memory efficient

Python memory usage is high as a developer you need to see the memory usage throughout the project so it is memory efficient.

So this were some of the disadvantages of python we can see that python has problems with memory and power.


So we have seen the advantages and disadvantages of python and we see that python has many great advantages and some disadvantages.

You should not choose python or any programming language because of its advantages and disadvantages but you should always choose a programming language which serves your purpose.

So what about the disadvantages of python will they be a problem well every programming language has it’s disadvantages and also python I don’t think this python disadvantages will be a problem for you.
I hope you found what you were looking for that is advantages and disadvantages of python.

I have told you everything what I know so thanks for reading this article if you found it useful share it with your friends and family and subscribe to our newsletter for latest blog posts to your email thank you.

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