Karkinos : Best Penetration Testing Tool

In this article we show you Karkinos – Beginner Friendly Best Penetration Testing Tool. We discuss top most popular Karkinos – Beginner Friendly Testing Tool here. There are many penetration test tool but in this article we discuss only Karkinos – Beginner Friendly Best Penetration Testing Tool.

What is Penetration Testing?

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    Karkinos is a light-weight Beginner Friendly Penetration Testing Tool, which is basically a ‘Swiss Army Knife’ for pen-testing and/or hacking CTF’s.

    Karkinos Testing Tool Features

    • Encoding/Decoding characters
    • Encrypting/Decrypting text or files
    • Reverse shell handling
    • Cracking and generating hashes

    How to Install Karkinos Testing Tool ?

    Karkinos - Best Penetration Testing Tool

    Dependencies are:

    • Any server capable of hosting PHP
    • Tested with PHP 7.4.9
    • Tested with Python 3.8
    • Make sure it is in your path as:
    • Windows: python
    • Linux: python3
    • If it is not, please change the commands in includes/pid.php
    • Pip3
    • Raspberry Pi Zero friendly 🙂 (crack hashes at your own risk)


    1. git clone
    2. cd Karkinos
    3. pip3 install -r requirements.txt
    4. cd wordlists && unzip You can also unzip it manually using file explorer. Just make sure passlist.txt is in wordlists directory.
    5. Make sure you have write privilages for db/main.db
    6. Enable extension=mysqli in your php.ini file.
    7. If you don’t know where to find this, refer to the PHP docs. Note: MySQLi is only used to store statistics.
    8. Thats it! Now just host it using your preferred web server or run: php -S in the Karkinos directory.

    Important: using port 5555, 5556, or 5557 will conflict with the Modules
    If you insist on using these ports, change the PORT value in:

    • /bin/Server/ Line 87
    • /bin/Busting/ Line 155
    • /bin/PortScan/ Line 128

    You can download Karkinos here:

    Or read more here.

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