How To Start Game Development With Python

Hello programmers Welcome to Coderzway today I will show you how to start game development with python programming language. Python is a very popular and useful programming language.

Python can be used in many things one of the thing is game development. If you know python programming language and you want to start game development with python than you are at the right place.

I will tell you everything you need to know on how to start game development with python you will start developing games in python after this article. So let’s start without wasting time.

If you want to know about the advantages and disadvantages of python than read this article – Advantages and disadvantages of python.

Game development in python


Game development is increasing day by day. If you become a game developer you can develop and publish your own games which can make you lot of money. So we will do game development with python with pygame.


Pygame is a cross-platform it is a set of python modules which can be used to developing video games. There are computer graphics and sound libraries in pygame which you can use in developing games.

You need to know python programming language inorder to start developing in pygame so if you don’t know python then learn it first.

Pygame was created by Pete Shinners it is a free game developing library. It is very easy and simple to write code in pygame. So inorder to start game development with python you need to install pygame so let’s see how to install pygame.

Installing Python

Pygame is python module and if you want install it you need to have python installed on your computer or laptop. So your first step is to download and install python. If you have python installed you can skip these part and don’t install multiple python versions.

You can download the latest version of python from here – download python.

After downloading open the installer and go through the setup and don’t forget to click add python to path. To check if python is installed go to your terminal and type python you should see something like this you can type print(‘hello world’)

So now python is installed let’s install pygame

Installing Pygame

Installing pygame is very easy and it is very small. You don’t need to download any software you just need to follow these steps

1 – Open your command prompt

2 – Paste this code

3 – You will see pygame successfully installed but you check if pygame is installed by typing python

4 – Type import pygame in the python console you should not see any errors. It should be like this

Congratulations You have successfully installed pygame and you are ready to develop games with python.

Learning Pygame

So know you have pygame installed now you need to learn and practice by developing games. You can learn for free from youtube. It is very easy it’s just python code.

This is a pygame tutorial you can watch to learn pygame – Watch Now


So this was the article on how to start game development with python. Game development is very intresting. You can really develop great games and make a lot of money.

I hope you found this article useful and helpful and if you have successfully installed pygame comment down. Thanks for reading if you want more articles on game development subscribe to our newsletter thank you.

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