How To Make Money As A Programmer

Money is essential for everyone and if You are a programmer and you are either working or not but you want to make some money with your programming skills than you are at the right place because today I will tell you the How to make money as a programmer.

To make money you need patience and hard work and don’t think money will come without them and to do the things in these article you need to have good experience or made some projects in your field.
So sit down and read the 4 genuine ways to make money as a programmer.

Best Ways to make money as a programmer


So the ways which i am going to tell you to make money will take some time and hardwork as I have mentioned it earlier and don’t try to don two things at one you will end not making any money.

1. Freelancing

Freelancer is a person who takes contracts of projects for a give time for a suitable amount of money. Programming is great for freelancing because there are lot of programmers doing freelancing and making a lot of money.

Average cost of building apps and websites is around 1500$ to 2000$ per project you can make a lot money in freelancing.

Online Freelancing – You can do online freelancing on websites like fiver, freelancer and upwork for free. You can bid on projects you want on these websites. first it takes a little time to get projects but don’t give up. you need to have good communication skills and good profile.

Offline Freelancing – You can also start taking projects from your city. You can start a one person company from home. You can do both online and offline freelancing together which will ensure you will have projects coming and make money.

2. Start A Startup

You can start your own startup or a company. You can come up with a idea and build a website or a software or a app which solves real problems and people want to use it. The great thing about creating your app or website is that it is free and you don’t need any money to make apps or website because you are a programmer.

To start and grow your company you need money, time and a good mindset. you can loose money from your startup or become a billionaire the potential is huge and you would be the king of your kingdom.

3. Share Your Knowledge

As a programmer you have programming skills and there are people who want to learn programming you can share your knowledge to the people who are intrested in programming. Here are some ways you can share your knowledge for money.

4. Offline Tutions

You can teach programming to children as it is becoming a hype to teach programming to childrens and you can also start a small programming bootcamp like learn app development 6 months for monthly fee.

Teaching is great this way you will also improve your programming skills and become a better programmer.

5. Start A Youtube Channel

Youtube is a great free learning resource of our time there are lot of programmers including myself who learn’t to become a programmer from youtube. It is great way of making money by sharing your knowledge you can create coding tutorials and guides.

You can make money on youtube through adsense, sponsorships and affiliate marketing. You need to create quality programming videos after some time you will be rewarded for your hardwork.

6. Start a Programming Blog

If you don’t want to show your face in a youtube video then blogging is great you can start a programming blog and write articles on programming.

I am also a blogger and a freelancer and I found writing blogs great and I have learn’t a lot from writing programming articles. You can make money from adsense, sponsorships and affiliate marketing through your blog.

To start a blog you need to make some small investment on buying a domain and hosting you can get hosting for free from blogger if you don’t have enough money but you need to buy a domain.

Blogging is long term way of making money it really takes a lot of time to start making money from blogging but ones it start you will be grateful that you have started a blog.

7. Start a Instagram page

Instagram is becoming popular day by day. It is not as competitive as blogging or youtube you can easily grow a instagram page. You can start a instagram page if you have a blog or youtube channel . Instagram does’t pay you but you can get paid sponserships and you can also do affiliate marketing.

You can start a blog , a youtube channel and a instagram page together and post content on coding these way you will have three great source of income.

8. Get A Job

If you don’t want to do freelancing or teaching you can get a job in a company and you don’t require any college degree to get a job you need to have the skills and some projects in your resume.

Junior programmers are paid around $500 to $1000. You can also do youtube, blogging or teaching after your job you can build a side income and later on this can become your main income.

In USA average salary for a programmer ranges from $100k to $120k per year for reaching here you need to have lot of experience in programming.

To do everything together is hard but it will be rewarded. If you want a job you can start applying for jobs through online sites. Getting a job with 0 experience is difficult but you have to keep trying and improve your resume if you want the job.


So these were all the ways to make money as a programmer and all these ways if you do you can make a lot of money so having patience, consistency and commitment is important in making money.

If you are still reading i want to say thank you and you will have gained a lot of knowledge and if have not started your programming carrer and you are reading these article to see programmers make money than you know that they do if you want to become a programmer you can read these articles.

Thank you for reading Have a nice day 🙂

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