How to Hack Earning Apps ?

How to hack android earning apps & Free recharge software’s . In this post you learn how to hack android apps on playstore apk file download in brief detail , Full post comming soon.

At Google play store You find many free recharge apps and hack earning apps to earn some money. But some limitations you can earn some money from this apps. So here we post full tutorial guide to hack this android apps. We also some posts some useful hacking software’s which helps to hack this type of app.

By our method you can loot by making your own referral , Bypass their offers and so much creativity. We posts some basic ideas , For every app need new method to hack so research for your own good by this hacking tools.

By this tools you can change your model id , imei number and other useful information which this apps needed so every time you change , Do self referral and earn more and more. So guys are you ready to hack android apps then follow little and simple steps.

  1. Install Custom Recovery of your android mobile.
  2. Rooted mobile.
  3. Xposed Framework.
  4. Device emulator.
  5. And fresh mind to understand this steps. ( Once you understand then you can hack this apps in minutes only)
  6. Using Phishing
  7. Using Social Engineering Attack Techniques
  8. 1000+ Best Hacking Tools for Beginners : GitHub Tool

How To Install Custom Recovery


Custom recovery is a process to make your device in a unique way. For installing this you need flashing tool of your mobile and recovery image of your model. Then flash this image via pc into your device. For more search on google.

How To Root Your Android Mobiles

Many ways to root your android mobiles like many custom roms is already rooted. You can root your mobile by pc. is you don’t have pc then root your mobile without pc.

How To Install Xposed Framework

Xposed is great tool to for activating different models for our android phones. For working this we need install custom recovery and root our mobile.

  • Firstly install their xposed.apk.
  • Reboot in recovery mode.
  • Install .
  • Clear cache and then reboot.
  • For more you can help google.

How To Install Device Emulator

You can search on playstore , Simply install like other apps. Now activate their modules from xposed framework. Open xposed then tick on Device emulator and then grant permission and finally reboot.

All In One Hacking Tool App

You can search on playstore , Simply install like other apps. Now activate their modules from xposed framework. Open xposed then tick on Device emulator and then grant permission and finally reboot.

All In One Hacking Tool App

If you don’t install this all apps then you can try Phone id changer. By this app you can change your all values like android id , imei number values without xposed and custom recovery. Just you need to root then install phone id changer > Give root permission.

How To Hack Android Earning & Free Recharge Software’s

After the all setup Now the step is come how to hack ? Follow steps below to use this all setup apps.

Before follow the steps you need to install and make new main account of any app. Then note down their referral code. Do self referral by our steps and loot this apps.

  1. After copying your referral > Clear data of this app.
  2. Open device emulator app > Click on Random all values > Reboot.
  3. Now your device have different id’s which this app tracks. So your device is now new handset.
  4. Now again make new account on it by entering your refer code.
  5. You get referral amount is credited in your main account.
  6. Repeat this steps to loot more.
  7. Now untick device emulator module from xposed.
  8. Reboot , Open your hacked app and check your credited amount , redeem this earning free.

Hack Android Apps By Pc

Not all earning apps is hacked by pc but some is working. You know about bluestacks or youwave.

In youwave you just click on “Hard reset” to change all value’s and again install by your refer code.

In bluestack you can change this id’s by bluestack tweaker.

Detail Video comming soon…….


What are the best apps for hacking an Android mobile?

First of all hacking is not a one click process, that you can gain access to anything that you desire.
Its a step by step process that includes
Gaining Access
Maintaining Access
Covering Tracks
Unless and until your under the impression that you can hack some applications on Android, by using another app then your wrong!

What is the simplest hack to earn unlimited money online?

The steps I mentioned above include much further details and another set of steps that have to be followed during a hacking procedure.
Not to forget each step has a distinct set of tools that are used to complete the hacking process.
So to answer your question “Which apps can be used to hack android phones?”
I will be glad to tell you there are not apps to hack android phones.
You have to learn to use the different tools available and develop your own style of hacking while using them!
By the way the most recommended OS for ethical hacking is Kali Linux, you can google it out.

What is the best app to earn money?

The best money-making apps for Android offer home-based part-time jobs that are perfect for those who want to make money but do not have access to a laptop or desktop computer. You have to spend a few hours during your day to earn money online with an online money-making app in India.

What are the best Android apps for earning money?

If you’re looking for new ways to make extra money, look no further than your smartphone. It’s amazing that you can easily make money from your phone. Today I’m going to share with you the top 5 apps that make money.
There are 5 apps that can make you money, but I wanted to give you the best apps to make the fastest money along with the highest-paid apps.
This list includes money making apps for Android phones and iOS.

What are some good money making apps?

There are many things you can do in free time and earn money without investing any single rupee from your pocket as there are many android apps which are for you but they need time and your talent

Can anyone hack the MPL Pro app?

MPL has really tight security, player safety, and financial safety and security systems in place.
But if Elon Musk’s and Bill Gates’ Twitter Account, Apple’s iCloud can be hacked. Then pretty much every piece of technology can be hacked.
You could find mod apks if you do some research on the web. But using such modified applications is a big threat and privacy concern, also unethical.

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