How to Find Hacker in my Computer?

How can you detect if there is a hacker accessing your PC activity! I know there are many different ways to hack someones system such as key loggers. Find hacker in my computer

Monitoring software that sometimes parents use for kids, Administrative User accounts that are placed on your system before you get it, and various other ways.

How do I detect if there is someone hacking my system and how do I stop and prevent it from happening in the future? Find hacker in my computer

  • Regular antivirus scans to see if there are new viruses on your computer.
  • If you have a virus on your computer, it can be a sign that someone hacked your computer either to place the virus or with the help of the virus.
  • If you remove all viruses from your computer with an antivirus program, you’ll be able to stop hackers from using them to access your information.
  • Look for odd or unusual computer behavior, such as data entered without you touching the keyboard, the cursor moving on its own or programs opening and closing on their own.
  • This type of activity can signal that someone is actively controlling your computer from a remote connection.
  • If you see something like this occurring, immediately disconnect your computer from the Internet and run a complete antivirus scan of the computer to try to remove the software the hacker was using to remotely access it.
  • Look for any unusual or out of place programs running in the Windows Task Manager.
  • To access the Task Manager, press the “Ctrl,” “Alt” and “Del” keys together, then press the “Task Manager” button (it may open automatically in some versions of Windows). Click on the “Processes” tab and look through the list of processes that are running.
  • If you see a process that is running that you don’t recognize or you didn’t install, it may be a program that a hacker used to gain access to your computer.
How can you detect if there is a hacker accessing your PC activity! I know there are many different ways to hack someones system such as key loggers.  Find hacker in my computer

My Computer Was Hacked! 3 Things To Do Immediately

These are the three steps you need to take immediately when your computer has been hacked. Find hacker in my computer

1. Quarantine Your PC : Find hacker in my computer

No need to cut the network cable. Simply unplug your computer from the network and avoid any kind of wireless or physical connection. The goal is to prevent the virus from spreading! Find hacker in my computer

Make sure you’re offline and turn all Wi-Fi connections off, both by software and hardware. Some laptops even have a switch for this.

Why disconnect hardware? Hacking software is sophisticated and can make your computer seem like you are disconnected while the malware continues to wreak havoc in the background. 

2. Change your passwords : Find hacker in my computer

On the other hand, if you pick a password that’s 12 characters long, it’ll take a massive two centuries to crack.

That’s why the first step is: change your PC’s access password.

And then change all your passwords using an unaffected computer or smartphone. I mean it. Email, social, subscriptions, etc. Every service you have access to holds precious information, including billing information and personal data.

How many of your accounts use the same password or variations of it? One password could be enough to grant access to all sorts of accounts. So double-check its strength and think it through.

  • It should be between 8 and 64 characters (longer the better).
  • It shouldn’t include personal information, like your name, your birthday, or your company’s name. Get creative with it, have fun!
  • It has to be different from your previous ones and from your other passwords. 
  • If possible don’t include complete words.
  • Use mnemonics and memory techniques. For example, instead of using “hoops” try “IlTpbb” for “[I] [l]ike [T]o [p]lay [b]asket[b]all.”Create it using characters from all four categories: lower and upper case, numbers, and symbols.

3. Alert those connected to you : Find hacker in my computer

Hackers try to spread by breaching an individual and then targeting their network..  Intego also explains that the reason is simple: hackers use your email to send messages pretending to be you because your friends are more likely to open messages from you without thinking. 

So before you spam a virus to your family, friends, and coworkers… Give a heads up. Protect your core group and notify them immediately to avoid spreading the attack. Find hacker in my computer

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