Hacking for Beginners – Best Ethical Hacking Book

BEST Ethical Hacking Book Written by PRO MCracker ( Crackcodes )and me Chhatrapal Prajapat ( )

This Hacking book is written only for educational purposes and is a comprehensive guide to ethical hacking and cybersecurity. By reading this book one can easily clear their doubts and concepts regarding Ethical Hcking and Cybersecurity. This book contains chapters of ethical hacking, cybersecurity, cyber attacks, Phishing Attacks, Keyloggers, Wireless HackingEmail HackingWindow Hacking & SecurityVarious TrojansAndroid Mobile Hacking , SniffersLinux Hacking Tools and many more.

Best Ethical Hacking Book for Beginners.

Concept of Ethical Hacking


In this book, there are easy steps to follow and learn the basic of hacking. To secure yourself , knowing how hacking actually works!.

Social Websites Hacking

Everyone want to Hack social sites e.g. Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter etc. Here you get the basic concept behind to hack these platforms.

Wireless Hacking

To hack any wireless device, you will first learn about networking.

Android Phone Hacking

I want to hack phone. In this book you will easy learn how a phone sim and call actually works.

Window Hacking & Security

Everyone have a computer or laptop and want to know how window software will hack. So you can learn easily with this book.

& Many More

In this book, you will get many more features e.g. everything cover with topic wise, some explanation tutorials also have in this book.

Authors of “Hacking for Beginners

This book will teach you how you can protect yourself from most common hacking attacks — by knowing how hacking actually works! You can do that by learning how to hack and how to do a counter-hack.

1. Mayank Prajapat (Pro MCracker)

Professional Ethical Hacker | Entrepreneur

I am a PRO expert in the field of cybersecurity. I believe that today the number of cyber crimes is increasing all over the world, the only way to avoid it is to promote the growth of ethical hacking. So everyone should have basic knowledge of ethical hacking.

2. Chhatrapal Prajapat (TechNo CP)

Professional Ethical Hacker | Entrepreneur

I am a PRO expert in the field of cybersecurity. I emphasize that our world is getting more cyber, which naturally means that the rates of cybercrimes are increasing. And they are getting more complicated. The only way to stay protected is to get educated.

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