Army Soldier Clerk/SKT English Tenses Quiz Exercise (2021)

The candidates who are are going extra miles to prepare for the soldier clerk written must be well aware of the fact that part 2 of the written exam comprises of 25 questions of General English. Practice the online test, it will give an idea of the type of questions generally appear in the soldier clerk written exam.

English grammar worksheets-

1. She ——————– the railway station before the train came.

a) had reached
b) has reached
c) reached
d) was reached

2. His uncle does not ——————— here.

a) live
b) lives
c) living
d) lived

3. Peter ————————- editing this magazine for twenty five years by next January.

a) will be
b) will have been
c) is
d) would be

4. Peter ——————— two wickets before rain interrupted play.

a) took
b) has taken
c) had taken
d) had took

5. I ———————– him twice before he left for New York.

a) saw
b) have seen
c) had seen
d) seen

6. Edison —————————- newspapers before he became a famous inventor.

a) sold
b) had sold
c) was selling
d) had been selling

7. In my youth I ————————- exercise every day.

a) had taken
b) took
c) was taking
d) had been taking

8. She ——————— for Delhi this evening.

a) is leaving
b) was leaving
c) have been leaving
d) had left

9. Heat ———————- bodies.

a) expanded
b) would expand
c) expands
d) is expanding

10. We ————————— living here since 1990.

a) were
b) are
c) have been
d) had been

11. We ————————- here for ten years now.

a) lived
b) have lived
c) had lived
d) were living

12. Did you ——————- him?

a) seen
b) see
c) saw
d) were seeing

13. Nobody will ever ———————– what happened to her.

a) know
b) knew
c) had known
d) be knowing

14. I could ———————– her if I wanted to.

a) have married
b) marry
c) married
d) be marrying

15. Does she ———————- what she is doing?

a) knows
b) know
c) knew
d) had known

16. When I visited him he ——————— bed-ridden for two months.

a) was
b) has been
c) had been
d) were

17. I ——————– school last year.

a) left
b) had left
c) leaved
d) was leaving

18. There ——————— a famine in Bengal in 1982.

a) was
b) has been
c) were
d) had been

19. Akbar ————————– the Moghul power paramount in India.

a) had made
b) has made
c) made
d) would make

20. John has ———————- home.

a) went
b) go
c) gone
d) going


1. had reached
2. live
3. will have been
4. had taken
5. had seen
6. sold (= used to sell)
7. took (= used to take)
8. is leaving
9. expands
10. have been
11. have lived
12. see
13. know
14. have married
15. know
16. had been
17. left
18. was
19. made
20. gone

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