Tips to write a great narrative essay

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William Nielsen asked 2 years ago

Tell your story to create characters
Your story’s narrator, when you write in first-person view, is one of the characters. This role allows you to create a character by using their words, perspective, and reactions. You don’t need to be an omniscient narrator. They don’t even have to be reliable. Also you need to choose a narrative essay topic before writing.
Watch people tell stories
When your friend tells you about their day next time, pay attention to how he or she tells it. Pay attention to the jumps forward, backwards, asides, tangents and how volume and animation levels change at different parts. You will notice that some parts are “fast-forward” while others break from the linear, logical narrative and use more abstract, descriptive language.
These storytelling ebbs & flows will help you when you write your next story. Consider where your friend slowed down in order to build suspense, and where they changed their tone to convey how they feel at different points of the story. These effects can be achieved in your writing by thoughtful word selection and pacing.
Mix-and-match narrative styles
You don’t have to write a linear story. However, you can still include elements from a descriptive or viewpoint narrative. Write a nonlinear essay on the five best summers in your life that includes a paragraph that explains everything you experienced, smelled and did.
You have the right to be creative. Create your own onomatopoeia. Imagine you are two characters and describe the same building through each character’s eyes. Write the conversations between the characters about the building. Follow your stream of consciousness and see where it takes you.
This is freewriting. This is a great way to get into a creative mindset and create a world on paper. There are no rules or structure and grammar is not an issue. The writing that you create during a freewriting session will be the content you use to shape into a cohesive narrative. Allow yourself to have fun.
Make your writing shine
Grammarly will help you tell any story with confidence. It will ensure that your writing is error-free and communicates your message in the right tone. It can be used as a built-in editor to help you improve your writing skills.
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