Technical Round of Internship

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Rashika Agarwal Staff asked 3 years ago
  1. Recently, data of 10 Lakh Indian Customers of Domino’s Pizza had been leaked and put up on sale for more than Rs. 4 Crore. And there must be some people sitting inside Domino’s office preventing those data from getting leaked. How easy is this for hackers to steal data when that data is already being guided by some professionals?
  2. How to know if the APK file I downloaded is stealing my data or not?
  3. How Instagram comes to know about my searches on google and then shows me data relevant to my search?
  4. As we all know that now almost everyone’s using social media platforms. But if a person just uses it to contact with the other person, is his privacy and data still at risk?
  5. Is data really at a high risk? If so, what are some ways to protect against these risks?
  6. Does a data leak including DOB, phone number, address, E-mail ID can help hackers to steal money from the user’s account?
  7. Its been a long time now that internet is being consumed by people around the world. But why “more and more” such cases of data breach are being observed now-a-days than before?
  8. If a hacker tries to hack a system, is there a way to track back the hacker and see who’s behind it?
  9. Why some apps require such permissions as camera access, contact list access etc. even if the app has nothing to do with those permissions?
  10. Will it be possible to hack an electric car and make it go as per the wish of the hacker? If yes, would it be like a remote controlled car with remote at the hands of the hacker?