Technical round for web development internship

DWQA QuestionsCategory: HackingTechnical round for web development internship
Omkar Chindhaluri Staff asked 3 years ago
  1. Does a data leak including DOB, phone number, address, E-mail ID can help hackers to steal money from the user’s account?
  2. By wifi transactions there is any chance of knowing our card details to hackers?
  3. If we lost our ATM card and we don’t block it can hacker steal money with out otp?
  4. what are the chances of hacking our devices if we are signing in for unsecured websites ?
  5. Recently there was a news that Mobiquick data is leaked and every one who are using that app details are with hackers. what are the possibilities that they can do with that data?
  6. How secure to take an account in private or small banks and they provide same security as the big banks?
  7. The security apps provided in laptops and mobiles are important to the devices or not and how they provide security?
  8. Its been a long time now that internet is being consumed by people around the world. But why “more and more” such cases of data breach are being observed now-a-days than before?
  9. Does the APK files steal our data and are they insecure?
  10. How Instagram comes to know about my searches on google and then shows me data relevant to my search?