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Priyam Seal Staff asked 3 years ago

1.what is Brute Force Hack? 2.How to interpret received packets, although not being destination host?3.Do iPhones still send packets when they are completely shutdown? 4.How docker is translating docker0 interface ip address to host ip address5. can ethical hacking be the future scope of India?6. Can Hacking be ethical? Can It be the future scope?7.Why is Python utilize for hacking?8. Among these types of hackings , which one is the best and the smartest way and why?White Hat Hackers Black Hat Hackers Grey Hat Hackers Blue Hat Hackers Elite Hackers Skiddie Newbie Hacktivism Intelligence Agencies Organized Crime. 9. Which is the best tools for hackers?10. How one can resolve a bug bounty program?