Do you offer both custom and template websites?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: Web DevelopmentDo you offer both custom and template websites?
Gowtham Staff asked 3 years ago

Oftentimes, a web developer or web development agency offers both custom and template websites depending on your needs and budget. While a template website is usually a very cost-effective option, they are developed to work with any type of website and, therefore, often include extra, clunky code that can negatively affect its overall importance. Furthermore, if your website template requires multiple plugins, you run the risk of breaking your website when one malfunctions. Finally, template websites can have a “cookie-cutter” feel that visitors can pick up on.
Custom websites, on the other hand, are purpose-built for your needs and should only include the specific code you need. With a talented web developer, your site can be clean and efficient on the back end, resulting in better performance. However, custom-built websites come with a higher price tag and can take longer to build. Regardless of what type of website you commission, make sure your web developer is comfortable creating both template and custom websites.