Can anyone tell some password hacking techniques?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: HackingCan anyone tell some password hacking techniques?
Jivitesh P Staff asked 3 years ago


There are cases where several organizations use passwords on company websites, Twitter, Facebook etc. that contain company details. This method involves gathering information from certain sources to create lists of words. The use of this word list is for brute force and dictionary attacks.

•Rainbow table attack

This method of hacking your password uses pre-computed hashes. Imagine, for example, if we have a database that stores passwords as hashes md5. The hacker can then develop another database containing md5 hashes of often used passwords. This is followed by a comparison of the password hash to the hashes stored in the database. If a match is good then the right password is broken.


This process of cracking passwords includes the very dimension of conjecture. Passwords such as password, admin, qwerty, and so on are usually set as default passwords. If the user is careless when selecting them or if they have not been changed, these passwords can easily get compromised.

•Dictionary attack

A wordlist is used in this method for comparison against user passwords.

•Brute force attack

This approach is quite similar to the assault on a dictionary. To create passwords for the attack, these attacks use algorithms that combine alpha-numeric characters and symbols.

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