Best Hacking apps for Android

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Jivitesh P Staff asked 3 years ago


Features of Aispyer:
Can track SMS;
Phone number locator;
Easily track all major social media apps;
Keylogger tracker;
You can also check the browser history.


Features of ACMarket
Warm Community;
Super Fast Speed;
Safe to use;
Wonderful Rating;
No rooting needed;
Automatic updates for Apps;
Supports English and many more languages;
Free to download and use;
No advertisements;
Well organized;
No Geo-restriction for any country;
Several themes included;
No subscription fees.

3.Game guardian

Features of Game Guardian:
Search encrypted values;
Dump and copy memory;
Search and modify values using third-party scripts such as .lua;
Available in more than 50 languages;
Support game emulators like PPSSPP, ePSXe, GameBoy, etc.

4 USB Cleaver

Features of USB Cleaver:
Dump system information including browsers and Wi-Fi passwords;
Allows you to select the payload;
xCopy documents, files, and images;
And much more.

5.Wi-Fi Kill

Features of Wi-Fi Kill:
You can see the network names of the device by using Wi-Fi Kill;
Disable connection users connected to the same Wi-Fi network;
By using Wi-Fi Kill, you can Check what others are surfing on their Android device;
Simple user interface.

6.Droid SSH

Features of Droid SSH:
Connect your Android device from PC;
Execute terminal commands, ADB shell commands;
Edit files;
Shared-key authentication.

7.Network Mapper

Features of Network Mapper:
Scan web servers for vulnerabilities;
Firewall evasion;
Scan systems;
Scan for open ports, OS, and many more things;
Enumerating open ports of the target;
Host discovery.

8.Droid Sheep

Features of Droid Sheep:
ARP spoofing;
Terminate or remove a session from the list;
Save cookies;
Add host to the blacklist;
Hijack sessions using Droid Sheep.


Features of AndroRat:
Check call logs using AndroRat;
Take photos remotely;
Send text messages without information to the victim;
Make device vibrate;
View GPS location.


Features of zANTI:
Browser redirection;
Session Hijacking;
Replace image remotely in the phone;
Identify device properties;
SSL stripping.


Features of Hackode:
Host scanning;
Information gathering;
Google hacking;
Whois lookup;
and much more.


Features of WP-Scan:
Scans for Vulnerabilities in WordPress websites;
Username discovery;
WordPress plugin enumeration;
check for directory indexing.

13.Droid SQLI

Perform SQL injection in target URL;
Find site is vulnerable to SQL injection or not;
Easy to use user interface.

14.Network Spoofer

Features of Network Spoofer:
Flip text upside down using Network spoofer;
Replace words on the website with other words;
Change all pictures on the website;
Redirect websites.

15.Shark for root

Features of Shark for root:
Intercept data traffic send or received over a Wi-Fi network;
Monitor incoming and outgoing requests;
Deep inspection of protocols;
Capture network data.

16.Droid-sheep guard

Features of Droid-Sheep Guard:
Protects you from session hijacking;
Droid sheep guard protects you from intercepting requests over the same networks;
Easy to use interface.


Features of DroidBox:
Set an IP reservation;
Reboot the router;

18. Netcut

Features of Netcut:
Disconnect anyone from the Wi-Fi network;
Good user interface;
Find MAC Address of All Connected Devices;
Control bandwidth usage.

19.Evil Operator

Features of Evil Operator:
Connect two friends into a phone conversation without their info;
No time limit;
Intuitive UI.

20.WIBR+ Pro

Features of WIBR+ PRO:
Check your router vulnerable to default pin;
Easy brute force WPA/WPA2PSK Wi-Fi network;
Offline pin calculator;
Copy saved passwords;
Password recovery.